mySkin Rewards


What is mySkin Rewards?

mySkin Rewards is a customer loyalty program for all GLO Skin Body customers who purchase Dermalogica products online via It is our way of rewarding you for being a loyal GLO Skin Body client. Rewards points can be used to purchase additional products that you just can’t buy.


How do I redeem mySkin Rewards points?

When placing your Dermalogica order at

  1. log in to your account. The “My Account” link is at the top of the menu next to your shopping cart.
  2. Add your regular Dermalogica products to your shopping cart
  3. Visit “my Rewards” and redeem points you have previously accrued to your account

These rewards products can be added directly to your shopping cart and then you can complete your order. Your reward products will arrive in the same order.


How do I earn mySkin Rewards points?


1.     Every time you Buy: With every purchase that you make on you accumulate points in your mySkin Rewards account.

$1 spent = 1 mySkin Rewards point


2.     Every time you Review: With every review you make for any of our Dermalogica products

1 Product Review = 60 mySkin Rewards points


3.     Every time you Share: With every social share you make for your online purchase

1 Social Share for Purchase = 35 mySkin Rewards points


You can also social share any of our Dermalogica products on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google + 

1 Social Share through Google + for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Twitter for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Facebook for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Pinterest for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points


4.     Refer a friend:  With every friend you refer to you will earn 200 points when they make their first purchase with us. And then you will earn 30% of their total points for every purchase they make after that. Your Friends still receive their full points as per normal.

First Friend Purchase = 200 points

2nd Friend Purchase and subsequent Purchases = 30% of friends total order points


Can I give mySkin Rewards points to charity?


Yes you can! You can help us support two great charities that focus on Children’s’ and Women’s’ health – areas that are close to our team’s heart.

You can convert your rewards points into a $5 donation to:

-        McGrath Foundation

-        Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

-        Melanoma Institute of Australia

Each $5 donation to either of these charities is requires 150 points and you can donate in multiples of the 150 of your mySkin Reward points.

We make a collective donation from mySkin Rewards to these charities every 6 months (January and July).


Can I use my mySkin Rewards points towards my order?

When placing an order via you can only redeem the points you have currently in your account.

The points that you earn from the products in the current order will be updated to your mySkin Rewards account overnight and will be ready for your next Dermalogica order.


What social media channels can I share my purchases or favourite products through?

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +


How do I social share my purchase?

Once your order is complete and the confirmation page appears, you will have the option to share the purchase via any social media channels eg Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Google+. Simply click on the link/s available and a prepopulated message about GLO Skin Body will appear for you to share.


Do I get points for every social share I make? If I share on Facebook and Twitter is that double the points?

Yes, every social media channel you choose to share your purchase or your favourite products through will accumulate 35 points.

So, if you share your purchase through Twitter and Facebook, which is 35 + 35 = 70 mySkin Rewards Points.

Note that there are daily limits on how many shares can be made.



Where do I write the product review to earn mySkin Rewards points?

On the product page for every Dermalogica product on our website, there is a review tab down the bottom of the page. If you scroll down the page you will see it. Simply click on the Review Tab and it will ask you if you want to write your own review. You need to rate the product out of 5 stars and then leave a short comment. Your points will become available to use once your review has been reviewed which may take 3-5 days.

Note that there are daily limits on how many reviews will earn reward points. You can still provide as many reviews as you wish.


Can I deduct my points from the total of my order?

Unfortunately your mySkin Reward Points cannot be deducted from your order total. They are used for redeeming money can’t buy products available via my REWARDS or donating to charity. We offer Everyday Low Prices on Dermalogica with up to 35% off RRP. If you find somewhere with better prices than us then tell us and we will beat it (See our price beat promise)


Where do I see my points total?

Go into My Account on the top right of our website and sign in using your details. Go to My Points and Rewards Summary and you will be able to see how many points you have in total.


When do my points come through?

Points from your order are updated overnight to your account. Points from your product review are uploaded once the review is approved for the website. Points from any social shares are uploaded overnight. And points from Refer a Friend are uploaded once your friend makes their first and subsequent purchases. 


Do my points expire?

Yes, they do. You have 12 months to redeem your reward points. You will automatically be sent an email when they are 45 days away from expiry. You can check your mySkin Rewards Balance via My Account on our website.