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  • Can I do at Home the same as a Professional Skin Treatment?

    There are professional products I can buy and use on myself, Yes?

    Have you ever thought this?

    Sure, a simple exfoliation and masque routine is excellent for you to do at home, but if you want REAL RESULTS, you can’t go past an experienced skin therapist and some professional strength products. And these are DEFINITELY not to be messed with at home or without the proper training. Just like a brunette who’s thought she could ‘go blonde’ at home and ends up with bright orange hair, experimenting with incorrect or professional strength products on your skin at home can lead to all sorts of skin problems. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, it’s the first thing people see when they look at you, it can make you look and feel like your youngest, healthiest self if looked after properly or it can really age you if you don’t choose to invest some time and effort into your skin.

    At GLO Skin Body, our therapists have extensive Dermalogica training and years of experience and they can help you achieve your best skin ever with the use of Advanced Skin Treatments.

    Our newest Advanced Skin Treatment uses Dermalogica’s IonActive System . The IonActiveTM Power Treatment is a 45-minute professional skin treatment designed to address skin conditions such as acne, dehydration, sensitivity and skin ageing. Using potent, professional only formulas that can be optimised with the latest treatment room technology, the IonActiveTM Power Treatment achieves visible, supercharged skin results with no downtime . The results being achieved are nothing short of inspiring!

    The IonActive Power Treatment delivers immediate, noticeable results after just one treatment. For maximum results a series of three to six treatments every two to four weeks is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments twice per year.

    By combining Advanced Skin Treatments with a customised at-home skin care regimen, you will see results far and above what you would with simply one or the other. When you book in with us for an Advanced Skin Treatment you can be confident that the products being used on your skin during the treatment are significantly more advanced than your home care products and also that your therapist is highly trained and skilled at reading your skin to help you achieve your best results.

    Combine this treatment with an at home skincare regimen that has been specifically prescribed for you and see for yourself the results you can achieve!

    Keep reading for more details on IonActives and other key ingredients.

    The IonActiveTM Power Treatment draws from up to six professional formulas: four IonActives , each one developed to target a specific skin concern, and two Gelloids with skin-specific benefits that can be layered over the IonActives to seal in active ingredients. The professional skin therapist performing the IonActiveTM Power Treatment will assess which combination is ideal for your skin, based on our initial Face Mapping skin analysis and consultation.

    The first step in the treatment is application of the IonActive. These highly potent concentrates are applied directly to the skin, and the ionisable formula (meaning it can be converted into ions, or electrically-charged atoms) can be paired with professional tools such as Microcurrent, Galvanic Iontophoresus, and Ultrasound to enhance ingredient penetration:

    ● Retinol 1% IonActive contains microencapsulated retinol to reduce visible signs of skin ageing, improve skin texture and the appearance of wrinkles . Microencapsulated Chlorella Extract contains the same proteins and amino acids found in dermal fibres, increasing collagen synthesis and improving skin firmness.

    ● Hyaluronic Acid IonActive relieves dehydrated and/or sensitised skin with microencapsulated Na2 Acetyl Glucosamine Phosphate , a building block of Hyaluronic Acid, which aids in cell regeneration and skin hydration. Varying molecule sizes in this IonActive hydrate top layers of the skin, protect against external irritants such as air pollutants, and bind water into deeper layers of the epidermis.

    ● Oligopeptide IonActive treats hyperpigmentation. Microencapsulated Diglucosyl Gallic Acid , also known as TriHydroxy Benzoic Acid Alpha Glucoside (THBG), is activated by natural microflora in the upper layers of the stratum corneum and is then converted to TriHydroxy Benzoic Acid (THBA), an anti-inflammatory agent that has four times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. Together, they help control melanogenesis, reduce pigmentation spots, and inhibit skin redness. This IonActive also contains Oligopeptides 34 and 51 , which have been shown to significantly reduce melanin production and brighten skin.

    ● Niacinamide IonActive controls and prevents adult acne . Microencapsulated Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate , a stable derivative of Azelaic Acid, inhibits the growth of bacteria, decreases the formation of clogged pores and reduces swelling and inflammation by scavenging toxins and free radicals in the skin. Colloidal Silver and Tea Tree Extract act as antibacterial agents and Japanese Knotweed helps control sebum production. Following application of the IonActive and optional use of equipment, your therapist applies a Gelloid to further drive ingredients into skin. The two Gelloids are a hybrid of massage mediums and masques and can be paired with LED lights or massage to optimise ingredient penetration:

    ● ExoThermal Gelloid is a thermal, self-heating formula that instantly warms with the natural heat of human hands. This formula can be optimised with use of Red LED, warm stones, warm peltier, Indirect High Frequency, and manual massage and is ideal for stressed, ageing or dehydrated skin.

    ● EndoThermal Gelloid offers a cooling sensation while providing antioxidant protection against photo damage. This formula can be optimised with use of Blue LED, or cold stones, globes, or roller to reduce inflammation, suppress acne, and soothe sensitised skin.

    Like to know more? Call us on 1300 828 131 or book your free initial consultation online

  • Mothers Day - Is it really ok to give Skincare?

    Mother’s Day is a time to focus on our mothers by reminding them of how much we love them. In addition to spoiling them with tons of gifts, Simply reminding your mother of the love that you have for her. If you want to give her something, I encourage you to first remember what is most valuable, time!

    If you want to give something extra then instead of buying your mum the typical chocolates or flowers, why not give her something that will help her to feel youthful? Give her something that will help her to have beautiful, glowing skin. This can be at home products or an experience that she will remember long after the box of chocolates or flowers were in the recycling bin.

    I find the biggest challenge in finding the right gift is finding something that represents how I feel about mum.

    Is it something that she wouldn’t normally buy herself.

    Is it something that she likes to have, but would like to have more often.

    Is it something that I think she would enjoy that would surprise and delight her!

    Skincare offers so many options in both experiences and at-home products. From a beautiful body exfoliant to a rich night time facial oil and everything in between. We can help with the right products for mum or if your choosing yourself – we have curated a our team's favourite Mother's Day gift ideas - such as body products that are suitable for most skin types together with daily exfoliants such as the amazing New Daily Superfolaint (you have to try it!) Click Here to see our favorites! We are here to help if you need it! Why not take a photo of mum’s skincare products and we can help find something that may be a little special for her? Give us a call on 1300 828 131 and we let’s get that perfect gift sorted.

    So giving skincare is certainly ok for mother’s day when it comes from the right place!

    Visit out Mother's Day Gift Ideas Page

  • Does Chocolate Cause Pimples?

    We all remember growing up being told that eating chocolate will cause pimples (or make them worse). We wanted to share some facts on the story so you can make the informed decision to eat that extra Egg or Kit Kat!

    Dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban recently spoke with Beauty Myths to clear up this subject.

    "Chocolate per se will not make you break out," says Dr. Shamban. "In fact, there is little evidence that chocolate or any specific fatty foods will cause acne, but we do know that a high-sugar/high-fat diet can increase sebum production and promote inflammatory responses in the body, which can lead to acne. Again, although we can’t say that sugary and fatty food directly causes acne, it’s nevertheless true that overindulging in these kinds of food can increase your chances of developing the condition and may displace other nutrients that are critical to the skin’s health. (i.e. filling up on sugary foods may lead to less consumption of fruits and vegetables)." So if thats the case - then is the type of Chocolate make a difference? (dark, milk, white?)

    "Milk and white chocolate overall have more dairy, sugar and other additives than dark chocolate," explains Dr. Shamban. "For some people, dairy and sugary substances can trigger hormonal changes, which in turn may cause inflammation, especially for acne-prone people. It is also well-documented that dark chocolate has many benefits to our health, not just for our cardiovascular system but for our skin as well. The high cocoa content of dark chocolate also means high amounts of two flavonoids, catechin and procyanidin, which are chemicals that act as antioxidants within the body. Antioxidants protect the body's cells against free radicals. Dark chocolate also contains higher concentrations of antioxidant flavonoids than milk chocolate and white chocolate."

    So Why is Chocolate given such a bad reputation?

    "There are many reasons why people give chocolate a bad rap," says Dr. Shamban. "One reason is that some women like to indulge in sweets, particularly chocolate, during the premenstrual part of their cycle (PMS). Acne-prone women may notice breakouts coincide with this time in their cycle. Estrogen levels drop, triggering androgens (hormones produced by the ovaries) to stimulate the sebaceous glands; this pumps up oil production. Therefore it may be your menstrual cycle itself, not the chocolate you crave during it, which causes you to break out. In addition, when people fill up on chocolate and other high-caloric and fatty foods, they leave little room to eat a balanced and well rounded diet, which is needed for healthy skin. So it can be the lack of needed nutrients, rather than the chocolate itself, which supports the proliferation of acne."

    If Chocolate isn't the answer - Is there other foods we should be careful of?

    "I think we need to be careful labeling any food on its own as ‘breakout-causing,’ due to the reasons I’ve cited above," notes Dr. Shamban. "However, if a reaction does occur, it really depends on the individual and other factors including: overall diet, their genetic predisposition to acne and other health factors. Try to limit or avoid the following ingredients that are considered pro-inflammatory: hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, enriched white flour and sweeteners of any kind."

    If it's Easter Eggs or just that block of Dairy Milk you've been eyeing off - you now know it's not those pesky pimples that should stop you!

  • Live life to the fullest and still look great with NEW! Stress Positive Eye Lift

    NEW! Stress Positive Eye Lift

    Living life to the fullest…. That is meant to be a good thing, right? But things are only meant to be so full. A glass will spill if you fill it too much. A balloon will burst if it’s filled with too much air and we’re no different. There is a fine line between living life and over-doing it. It’s very easy for a full life to turn stressful and that takes a toll on our health and our skin

    We need to balance negative stress with good stress: the kind of stress that helps us to push that bit harder, run that bit further, push through that meeting and achieve great things. In short, to care.

    When we are stressed, the release of adrenaline and cortisol have a physical affect on our skin resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and a lacklustre appearance. So how can we harness the good stress and use it to energise and repair our eye area?

    New Stress Positive Eye Lift and Masque visibly reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, instantly brightens and lifts the eye area and helps to restore the skin barrier. A cooling massage applicator serves to energise and revive the delicate skin around the eyes.

    stress positive eye lift Energises and Lifts the Eye Area while Brightening and De-Puffing under-eye circles

    Key ingredients in NEWStress Positive Eye Lift include:

    • Wild Indigo Seed - brightens to help visibly reduce under-eye circles.
    • Sea Water Extract and Arctic Algae counter the look of puffiness
    • Fermented Yeast and a unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid firm skin to help generate a lifting effect
    • Bioactive Diglucosyl Gallic Acid works with the skin’s natural biome to brighten and energise the eye area.

    We are so excited for this new product to launch - keep your eyes peeled, there’s an exciting pre-launch offer starting 27 March!


  • Stress, Is it all that bad?

    YOU like to live life to the fullest. YOU strive to accomplish your career goals and still find time for crossing things off your "bucket list" right? Juggling it all can lead to late nights, hectic days and stressful situations, but YOU know how to handle anything life throws at them, right?

    There's so much to accomplish, do and see which can result in lack of sleep and fatigue at your eyes expense. Dehydration, puffiness and dark circles are a common occurrence!

    With YOU in mind we have a fast acting eye product that is optimised for life and to keep YOU moving forward ready for that next challenge.

    NEW! Stress Positive Eye Lift has just launched and is an active multitasking formula that hydrates, brightens, reduces puffiness and dark circles, while optimising your biology to instantly revitalise the eye area.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our exciting pre-launch offer starting March 27 and a dedicated blog with all the details!

    Join us on Instagram for you chance to WIN! one of your own soon!

    Straight On Laydown
  • Chemical Vs Physical Suncreen - Which is right for me?

    One of the most effective ways to keep your skin healthy is by using sun protection. We know that to keep our skin looking its best we need to use a sunscreen every day right, but which one is best for your skin type?

    There are 2 types of sunscreen available - Physical and Chemical and each have their own benefits and limitations.

    Physical sunscreens work by sitting on top of the skin and deflecting UV rays away from the skin with the help of active mineral ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. A Physical Sunscreen Is naturally broad spectrum and protects from the sun as soon as it’s applied, with no need to wait. It is less likely to cause stinging on the skin, so is perfect for more sensitive skin types and for rosacea skin. It is less likely to clog pores, making it the ideal choice for blemish prone skins.

    One of the challenges with a physical sunscreen is that it can rub off easily, meaning it needs to be applied more frequently.

    Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing into the skin. They contain organic compounds like Oxybenzone and avobenzone which create a chemical reaction and work by changing UV rays into heat and then release the heat from the skin. Chemical sunscreens tend to be thinner and will spread more easily on the skin and is more suitable for daily use.

    With Chemical sunscreens, you need to wait about 20 minutes before being exposed to the sun, this gives the sunscreen time to absorb into the skin. These types of sunscreen can cause skin irritation more easily, so it Is not ideal for sensitive skins.

  • Our Expert Skin Therapist Talks to Dermalogica!


    Recently our expert skin therapist, Hugh Wilkinson caught up with Dermalogica to chat about his journey with his skin, his career and tips on maintaining a healthy skin routine as part of the #EveryFaceTellsAStory campaign.

    Hugh has been part of the Dermalogica family for many years, and it was one of our own that lead him into the directions of beauty therapy where he now helps others on their path to happy and healthy skin.

    “ When I was 18 I went for a skin treatment at Dermalogica skin centre and the therapist Emma was so passionate about the products she was using and the industry so I enrolled in beauty therapy because of her, to this day I have been using Dermalogica for over 18 years”

    Since that day, Hugh has been helping many men and women achieve healthy looking skin!

    Shop Hugh's favourite products:

    Daily Microfoliant:

    This daily gentle rice based exfoliant gently washes away the dirt and makeup left over at the end of the day. Perfect for everyday use in the shower.

    Charcoal Rescue Masque 

    Dermalogica's Charcoal Rescue Masque, is a fast acting and easy to remove masque. It's deep cleansing functions leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

    Map – 15Regenerator

    For those who want to improve firmness and clarity to their skin this powder to emulsion treatment stops the ageing process and improves firmness and clarity.

    A tip would be to mix the MAP15 regenerator with the Dermalogica booster serum and it will leave your skin looking fresh and with a healthy glow.

    Skin Renewal Booster

    Skin saviour in a bottle! This skin renewal booster helps smooth and improve skin texture leaving your skin soft and silky.

    Overnight Retinol Repair

    Add this one to your night-time routine with Dermalogica’s powerful night - time retinol repair cream. This repair helps reduce visible signs of skin aging and helps uneven skin tone and discolouration while you sleep!

    BOOK in for a skin consultation with Hugh today and discover your skin's story!

  • How To Take Care Of Your Skin Between Treatments


    From hair removal to body contouring, acne peels, and skin rejuvenation, we have a range of treatments to suit the needs of many skin types. No skin or body is the same and It’s important to recognize what your skin needs and find the perfect treatment for you. (Not sure which treatment is best for you? No problems, we are here to lead you on a path of ultimate skin health)

    What happens between your treatments? There is a lot that you can do between your visits to GLO to promote healthy skin and help the effects of your treatment last longer!

    Stay Hydrated

    Keeping yourself well hydrated has a lot of health benefits (as we know) one of those benefits is to keep your skin hydrated. The amount of water you need will vary based on weight, how much you exercise and other factors, we recommend 2 hours!

    Protect yourself from the sun

    We know you like to GLO all year round, but be careful when exposing yourself to too much sun. Sun exposure as we all know can prematurely cause wrinkles and age spots as well so rain, hail or shine it’s important to always wear a sunscreen!

    Healthy Skin routine

    When you visit GLO for your skin treatment your skin therapist will put together a skin routine for you once she has established your skin type and concerns. It's important to maintain your skin's health by using products at home that will treat your skin. By exfoliating, moisturising and keeping your skin you will get the best out of your treatments!

    Avoid heavy makeup

    A lot of makeup & cosmetic products actually contain chemicals that can damage your skin over time, which defeats the purpose of using great skincare! We recommend opting for a light-weight mineral foundation or BB cream which will give you good coverage without clogging your skin!


    There are so many benefits to exercise as we all know – it releases endorphins, increases energy, great for circulation and movement in the body which is also great for your skin! Just by getting outside and getting some fresh air and light exercise will be great for your skin. 

     We recommend a skin treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal skin health! Any questions? We look forward to seeing you at GLO soon!

  • Step into Spring at GLO Skin & Body!


    Spring has finally sprung, and we’re excited as can be about the new season! The long winter months are finally over - but how do you shake off the winter blues and put that spring back into your step? Sometimes we need a little help to make sure our skin is at the best it can be. That’s why we’ve put together our top 3 ways to get your skin ready for the new season!

    1. Dermalogica Face Treatment

    This 45 minute treatment package will have your skin glowing in no time at all! As part of the package you’ll be treated to a double cleanse, professional exfoliation, extractions, a treatment masque and a neck and shoulder massage (hallelujah, right?). You’ll also receive a signature face mapping skin analysis, where our professional skin therapists will create a customised skin treatment plan to suit your individual skin needs.

    1. Dermalogica Thermal Body Treatment

    This body treatment utilises the powers of heat and touch to create a results-oriented experience like never before! Each Dermalogica thermal body treatment is specifically customised for your skins needs, meaning we’ll target your skin’s biggest issues so you’ll see results you want - all while experiencing an amazing sensory journey! As part of this treatment you’ll receive a body exfoliation that will leave you with smoother, brighter skin; a unique warming body massage so you feel relaxed and rebalanced; and a warming wrap that’s customised specifically for your skin, so you can relax while receiving a scalp therapy treatment.

    1. Pure Light SPF50

    After you’ve received one of Dermalogica’s signature face or body treatments, it’s important you nourish your skin daily so you’ll see lasting results. Coming into the warmer months means we have to be extra careful of harmful UV rays. Dermalogica’s Pure Light SPF50 will help keep your skin moisturised, whilst protecting it from harmful side effects - such as brown spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone - so you can enjoy the spring sunshine without worrying!

    BOOK your Spring skin treatment today!

  • Every skin has a story, what's yours?


    Does your face tell a story? If so, what does it say?

    Dermalogica is currently running the ‘Every Face Tells A Story’ campaign to highlight the fact each person’s skin is unique and tells a different story.

    Instead of using unknown and unnamed models to demonstrate before and after photos using Dermalogica products, this campaign draws on real people, all specialists within their fields.

    Through a series of short videos, all available via the Dermalogica website and social media platforms, a number of unique professionals share their skin care stories, encouraging others to join in the action using the #MyFaceMyStory tag.

    For the team at Dermalogica, this campaign is a way to show just how different each and every person's skincare routine is, and that there isn’t one ‘cookie cutter’ method that works for everyone.

    Dermalogica products aren’t about being overly pretty, pampering or luxury. They believe great-looking skins starts with skin-health and have produced formulas that do just that.

    At Glo Skin and Body, we share Dermalogica’s philosophy toward skin-care. We know that each face has a story, one that is unique and constantly changing. That’s why when you purchase any of our custom Dermalogica facial treatments, you’ll receive a complimentary skin-mapping analysis, and custom skin fitness plan based on your needs.

    If you haven’t yet heard of ‘Face Mapping’, get ready to learn about a revolutionary new way of managing skin care!

    Through sight and touch, our expert skin therapists will examine your facial landscape zone-by-zone (there are a total of 14 - who knew?!) and create a ‘face-map’. They’ll identify issues and underlying causes, before advising you on the products that will deliver the results you need.

    By reading your skin’s past, we’re able to treat your skin’s present, and guide you to a healthy skin future. No one knows Dermalogica products better than our skin therapists. In their hands, simple products are transformed into powerful weapons to counter your biggest skin concerns.

    BOOK your Skin Mapping Analysis with us and discover your skin's story!

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