Acne, Not just a teenage challenge?

Adult acne

Did you know that acne is not just a problem for teenage skins? More and more adults are suffering from acne.

Adult acne can be different from teenage acne, as teenage acne is usually associated with excess oil, with an abundance of black heads and pimples found all over the face. Adult acne can be more localised to one area, maybe the jaw line or cheeks, and is often more sensitive and inflamed with breakouts lasting for longer and healing slower. While the cause of teenage acne is the onset of puberty, adult acne can have a number of triggers.

  • hormones play a huge role in adult acne, the main one being testosterone. When there is too much of it in our body, it causes an over production of oil in the skin. As adults our hormones can fluctuate massively for lots of different reasons, such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, so acne may start to develop or get worse around these times
  • some medications can make acne worse, especially any medication designed to adjust hormone levels in the body, so it is important to identify if this is why your acne is there
  • the environment you live in can have a huge impact on your skin and the development of adult acne. Heat, humidity and pollution can lead to excess sebum production and bacteria build up on the skin. Likewise if your skin is becoming dried out due to cold weather or air conditioning it may start to over produce oil to make up for the lack of water in the skin, causing more breakouts
  • unfortunately some skin problems are hereditary, and genetics may play a part in some people having adult acne

It is often the case that people who suffer with adult acne will feel the need to excessively wash and scrub their skin so it feels “clean”. This can be doing more damage than good, as over cleansing can dry out the skin stripping it of its natural oils and moisture, and over exfoliating can cause micro tears in the skin bringing more inflammation and longer healing time.

On the other end of things there are people who feel they shouldn’t use any products on their skin because they don’t want to cause any further problems. This can be exasperating the acne as there will be a build up of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells on the skin that will clog pores making the acne worse and causing more breakouts.

What products you use in your routine will be determined by how severe your acne is. Any of our Expert Skin Therapists at GLO will be happy to help you customise a skin regime to suit your personal skin needs. In general however these are some good rules to follow:

Here are some tips that can also help to manage adult acne:

  • Change your pillow cases regularly
  • Disinfect your mobile phone
  • Clean your makeup brushes often
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Don’t have products that are intended for other parts of your body on your face e.g body moisturiser, shampoo or hairspray
  • Always wash your face after exercising or sweating excessively
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep skin hydrated
  • Keep a diary of when you get breakouts and the severity of them to determine triggers. This way you can tell if they are hormonal related, stress related ect.

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