Want to know more about PreCleanse Balm?

Love wearing make-up, but hate the daily battle to remove it?
With the trend towards smudge proof, long-stay and waterproof make-up, our skins are dirtier than ever. Throw sunscreens, environmental pollutants our natural oils and dead skin cells into the mix and we’re facing quite the arduous cleanse. Not only is it time taxing to get our skin clean on a daily basis, but if we’re not thoroughly cleansing, then we may end up with congestion and breakouts, and at worse, skin sensitivity and accelerated ageing.
No more heavy-duty cleansing!
Welcome to step zero and Dermalogica’s latest product innovation, PreCleanse Balm: the secret to effortless cleansing and healthy skin. 
A balm-to-oil version of Dermalogica’s top selling oil cleanser PreCleanse oil, the new PreCleanse Balm is your saviour to simple, yet effective cleansing. Designed to break through the layers of long-stay and waterproof make-up, excess oils, sunscreens and pollutants, this ultra-hydrating balm melts away all traces of product build up, without disturbing the skins protective barrier. Simply leaving behind zero make-up or residue with zero irritation.
How does a balm clean my skin?
The benefit of using a plant based oil or balm to melt away the coating of makeup, dirt, and SPF is like using a magnet, as the oils in the cleanser bind to oil soluble debris on the skin. When you then add water, the cleanser turns milky as they emulsify, lifting the trapped debris and rinsing it away.
So what comes after step zero?

After you’ve removed the build-up lining your skin, you’re then ready to move onto a second cleanse that will be able to clean the skin’s surface and within the pores. The result? Super healthy, clean skin. We recommend your second Dermalogica cleanser be suited to your own individual skin type, challenges and consistency preferences. Choose from the refreshing, foaming wash Special Cleansing Gel, the super gentle UltraCalming® Cleanserthe creamy, nourishing Essential Cleansing Solution, the oil absorbing Dermal ClayCleanser, the retexturing Skin Resurfacing Cleanser or the medicated, acne controlling Clearing Skin Wash.

PreCleanse Balm PreCleanse Balm
  • Key ingredients in NEW PreCleanse Balm include: Natural Biolipid Complex - locks in hydration and reinforces the skin’s barrier 
  • Apricot Kernel Oil - nourishes skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth
  • Invigorating blend of essential oils - refreshes the senses and revitalizes the skin
The new PreCleanse Balm is ideal for all skin conditions, especially normal to dry. It’s safe for use around the eye area, so good news for our make-up lovers! We cannot wait to get our hands on this new product. If you feel the same then get your hands on our awesome Pre Launch Offer - Available for pre-order now!!