Every skin has a story, what's yours?


Does your face tell a story? If so, what does it say?

Dermalogica is currently running the ‘Every Face Tells A Story’ campaign to highlight the fact each person’s skin is unique and tells a different story.

Instead of using unknown and unnamed models to demonstrate before and after photos using Dermalogica products, this campaign draws on real people, all specialists within their fields.

Through a series of short videos, all available via the Dermalogica website and social media platforms, a number of unique professionals share their skin care stories, encouraging others to join in the action using the #MyFaceMyStory tag.

For the team at Dermalogica, this campaign is a way to show just how different each and every person's skincare routine is, and that there isn’t one ‘cookie cutter’ method that works for everyone.

Dermalogica products aren’t about being overly pretty, pampering or luxury. They believe great-looking skins starts with skin-health and have produced formulas that do just that.

At Glo Skin and Body, we share Dermalogica’s philosophy toward skin-care. We know that each face has a story, one that is unique and constantly changing. That’s why when you purchase any of our custom Dermalogica facial treatments, you’ll receive a complimentary skin-mapping analysis, and custom skin fitness plan based on your needs.

If you haven’t yet heard of ‘Face Mapping’, get ready to learn about a revolutionary new way of managing skin care!

Through sight and touch, our expert skin therapists will examine your facial landscape zone-by-zone (there are a total of 14 - who knew?!) and create a ‘face-map’. They’ll identify issues and underlying causes, before advising you on the products that will deliver the results you need.

By reading your skin’s past, we’re able to treat your skin’s present, and guide you to a healthy skin future. No one knows Dermalogica products better than our skin therapists. In their hands, simple products are transformed into powerful weapons to counter your biggest skin concerns.

BOOK your Skin Mapping Analysis with us and discover your skin's story!