Our Favourite Winter Skin Treatments

As the desire to cover up and hibernate sets in, we see winter as a great opportunity to get on top of your skin treatments! Winter is the time of the year when we are less exposed to the sun's harsh heat so it’s less likely to have any reactions to treatments, including chemical peels. It also makes it an ideal time to book treatments that require recovery time and a full-body cover up, as we’re doing that anyway.

On top of this, it also means we may be able to treat you more safely and on higher treatment parameters, making treatments far more effective.

Whether it’s scheduling laser hair removal or banishing dull skin with a chemical peel, these two treatments are better to do now than any other time of the year.


Much of the benefits of laser hair removal is based on the skin tone. It needs to be even and tan-line free for the best results so it’s the best thing to do in winter because there is less sun exposure.

Most clients should be treated every 4-6 weeks. The average number of sessions is usually 6-8.


Peels remove superficial layers of the skin to encourage cell turnover, which can temporarily increase openness and sensitivity to the elements. Since they make the skin vulnerable to the sun, winter is a good time to try one.

Due to the excessive indoor heating and the cold wind outside, the skin becomes dry and irritated and our complexion is dull. Skin-soothing botanicals are applied during a peel to calm any irritation and give you a radiant glow without the sun.

Don’t wait till its too late. Take advantage of laser hair removal and chemical peels before summer rolls around, so you will be smooth and hair free for good.

Book in a skin consultation with our skin therapists today to find out which treatment is best suited to your skin.