Dermalogica’s New IonActive Power Treatment Available at GLO Skin Body!

Are you ready to supercharge your skin and say goodbye once and for all to your skin concerns?

Our most advanced skincare brand, Dermalogica has just launched the new IonActive System and it's now available right now!

Whatever your skin concern may be, whether it be acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation or skin ageing, this powerful system offers multiple treatment solutions personalised for you.

So how does it work? The customisable system is comprised of six formulas: four IonActives and two Gelloids. The IonActives are active concentrates that are applied directly to the skin. This is followed by professional modalities and massage techniques to drive active ingredients more quickly and deeply into the skin.

The system is ideal for anyone who wants:

  • Enhanced product penetration and performance
  • Advanced skin health solutions with visible results
  • Treatment personalisation
  • Highly advanced results using technology and customised bio-charged formulations
  • Supercharged skin results with no downtime and a highly-memorable sensorial experience

Winter is the BEST time to get on top of your skin treatments because our skin is less exposed to the suns inflammation so treatment results are far more effective.

The IonActive System is exclusively offered to GLO Skin Body clients by our professionally trained skin therapists who we promise will look after you.

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