Are You Using Your Products In The Wrong Order?

Getting your skin care routine right and using your products in the right order can sometimes be confusing for some of you. Serums, oils, masks, which one do I use first?

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a layering guide to make sure you’re getting it right and making the most out of your products.

First Step: Serum

The consistency of a serum is designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Using your serums first will allow the active ingredients in the product to be most effective. Once you’ve applied each of your serums, allow them a moment to absorb into the skin.

Second Step: Eye Treatments

Apply your favourite eye cream or serum with your fingertips to the eye area. Keep in mind that some ingredients can irritate the delicate eye area, so stick to using just eye creams around the area!

Third Step: Moisturisers

Your moisturiser will provide essential hydration to the skin while locking in the serums nutrients underneath. Make sure you are using a moisturiser to suit you’re your skin type to get the best results. To find out which moisturiser would suit your skin best – send us an email and our skin therapists can help you out!

Fourth Step: Sunscreen

Last but not least – your sunscreen! The most vital step in your skincare routine! Your SPF should always be applied last. Your sunscreen will provide a barrier from damaging UV rays without compromising the ingredients applied underneath.

What about night time?

Simply replace your morning serum with a Vitamin A or AHA serum, and substitute your day moisturiser for an active night moisturiser and get some beauty sleep!

Did you find these tips helpful? If you have any questions or concerns regarding your skincare routine, we would love to help you!