Say goodbye to unwanted hair!

Sick and tired of shaving and waxing and being told your skin is too dark and your hair is too light for laser hair removal? We hear you.

Good news! Super Fast Hair Removal (SFHR) has landed at GLO Skin Body and is a fast, gentle and effective way to remove that unwanted hair and prepare your bodies for summer AND it doesn’t discriminate on hair or skin colour. A pain-free and permanent alternative to waxing and shaving (who has time for that these days).

How does it work?

SFHR works by directing concentrating light and heat into the hair follicle inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface.

The SFHR hand piece gradually generates and increases heat to the hair follicle and it’s surrounding tissue well below the skin’s surface, preventing regrowth of the hair. Rather than bombarding your skin with high amounts of Joules (energy), SFHR fires multiple shots but at low joules and gently heats the hair follicle to the heat needed and the most you will fell is a warm and tingling sensation.

What are the benefits?

Designed with sensitive skin in mind, SFHR can be used on any part of the body and targets different skin types whilst ensuring maximum results.

Another great advantage of the SFHR is that unlike many other lasers and light systems, the SFHR machine can treat most hair colours successfully, including dark hair, blonde hair, light brown and red and in some cases achieve great results with grey hair.

What about skin tone or colour?

We can treat most skin types including skin types 1,2,3,4 and 5. Skin type 1 being the lightest and 5 being the darkest.

Treatment should occur every 4-6 weeks over 6-8 average sessions. The great thing about this treatment is there is absolutely no down time.

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