5 Skincare Tips You Should Live By


Last week we offically welcomed a new Skin Treatment centre to the GLO Skin Body family.

GLO Skin Body Pymble, formally known as Skin + Pymble, is now another great location offering expert advice, using the worlds #1 professional skincare brand, Dermalogica. GLO Skin Body Pymble will offer all of the same services and treatments as our other skin centres, plus some new services, such as:

  • LED Intensive Light Therapy
  • Micro Needling
  • IPL Hair Removal

To Book a treatment at our Pymble Skin Centre, click HERE.

To welcome the newest team member to the GLO Skin Body Family, Hugh, we asked him to give us his best beauty tips to have and maintain glowing skin.


My 5 Best Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin


# 1. I wear sunscreen EVERYDAY!! Most of our extrinsic ageing is caused by the sun, I minimise this by either using a daily use moisturiser with SPF. This will reduce the onset of things like lines/wrinklespigmentation / age spots even dilated capillaries and profuse redness… Prevention is better than cure!!




# 2. I exfoliate most days… exfoliation will diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and refine the skin, will help with dehydration or dryness, irregular patches of pigmentation allow all other product applied to the skin to be more effective as the dead skin has been removed. I exfoliate twice a week and then I do a more gentle microfoliation on the other days. There are many different types of exfoliants scrubs, acid based and a mixture of both. I is important to use the right exfoliant for your skin to avoid OVER exfoliation.


Daily Microfoliant


# 3. KEEP HYDRATED!! This is very easy to do with the use of a hydrating Spritz or alcohol free toner which can be spritz prior to moisturiser to allow better absorption of product and even out the porosity of the skin, can be used as often as you like throughout the day to maintain hydration. Brilliant for planes!! The reason you want to keep skin hydrated is that the skin will function more effectively. When the skin becomes dehydrated certain enzymes in the skin stop working efficiently and we may end up with a bit more congestion and breakouts appearing on the skin.





#4. KEEP it CLEAN… how effective are you at cleaning your skin?? If you are not a morning person you may be half asleep in the shower and not focusing on where or how you are cleansing your face… To help make cleansing as effective as possible I use an oil based cleanser for my first cleanse to liquefy all the oil based dirt on the skin (sebum, spf) and then my second is to treat my skin leaving me with my cleanest skin possible, but not squeaky clean or too stripped which is bad.

shutterstock_181012073special cleansing gel 500mlspecial cleansing gel 250ml


#5. Use an EXPERT - That’s what they are there for!! I only use professional products on my skin as these have higher levels of active ingredients (peptides, Vitamins, Antioxidents) and as they are prescribed by a professional I know I will get better results. I try and have a face treatment every 4-6 weeks this allows me to know what is going on with my skin!! At least every change of season I have my face mapped (analysed) to ensure I am using the best products for my skin



dermalogica skin therpaist


Thanks Hugh



Thanks Hugh, that was awesome! If you want to meet Hugh then make a booking at our GLO Skin Body Pymble Skin Centre and he can help you achieve your skin health goals.

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Cheers Sarah

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