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Every teenager should be looking after their skin, but I'm sure it is the last thing on their mind and as a parent, uncle, aunty or friend of a teenager, it is an awesome present to give the gift of great skin this Christmas.

Dermalogica has a great skincare range designed just for teenagers, Clear Start. It has everything you need for that gorgeous teenager in your life. Plus some other great Dermalogica favorites to keep them looking and feeling great.


1. clear start - Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash

This is the perfect face wash for a teenager. It can be used all over the face, neck and back, wherever they need to clean away excess oil and dirt. It is designed for breakout prone teenage skin and helps to unclog the pores and stop breakouts in their tracks. SHOP NOW

foaming skin wash

2. clear start - Breakout Clearing All Over Toner

A great companion for the warmer months, this refreshing toner controls excess oils in teenage skin. Put it in the school bag or sports bag for a refreshing spray over the face and body throughout the day. SHOP NOW

clear start toner

3clear start - Breakout Clearing Kit

The perfect gift for any teenager who needs an all round AWESOME skincare routine. This pack includes the breakout clearing foaming washbreakout clearing all over tonerbreakout clearing daytime treatmentoil clearing matte moisturiserbreakout clearing overnight treatment and a sample of the breakout clearing cooling masque. Great Value at only $33.30. SHOP NOW

clear start kit

4. clear start - Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser with SPF15

This moisturizer is a teenagers best friend, not only does it minimise oil and shine over the nose and forehead, but it provides a nice smooth matte finish. Plus it has SPF15 for sun protection throughout the day. SHOP NOW

moisturiser clear start

5. clear start - Trial Pack

This great pack is the perfect stocking filler for your teenager. It includes Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash, Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment and Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment. They can keep their skin clean and treat any spots or blemishes that appear both day and night. The Daytime treatment is a powerful pimple-preventing product that you place over the face and neck after cleansing to stop breakouts before they emerge. The overnight treatment is designed to be put over the face and neck after skin has been cleansed, it works overnight to reduce redness and fight breakouts.

clear start trial pack

6. Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport

It is so important that teenagers protect their skin from the sun. This SPF50 is the best sun protection screen you can get for the whole family. It goes over your face and body. A great Stocking filling. Can be kept in their school or sports bag. SHOP NOWDaylight Defense Protection 50 Sport high res image


7. clear start - Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Treatment

Tackle breakouts with this amazing spot treatment for teenagers. Simply dab it directly onto any individual breakouts and it will act fact to clear out the pore. SHOP NOW

spot treatment

8. clear start - Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque

A weekly skin masque is a great way to clear those teenage breakouts. Your teenager can do it with friends or you can use your Dermalogica Masque and make a fun night of it. Simply smooth over face and neck, leave for 7-10 minutes and wash off. SHOP NOW. 

cooling masque clear start

9. Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment

We can't forget those teenage lips. This great little companion is the perfect gift for both teenage boys and girls. It keeps their lips moisturised and protects them from the elements. Another great stocking filler for the teenager in your life. SHOP NOW.

lip balm


So, there you have it.... everything you need to give the gift of great skin to your teenager this Christmas.

If you still haven't found what you are looking for and want some help deciding the best products, simply contact us below and we are happy to help.

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Cheers Sarah

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  • kym Elsley

    Hi there, I'm very interested in the no 3 clear start break out kit for $33.00 for my 12yr old whom is getting comedones across her nose, I would also be interested in the cooling mask for her, if using morning and night how long will this
    last her and my older daughter who is nearly 18 needs hydration especially under her eyes ad she suffers with ezeceama from time to time, do you have a kit for her like no 3 , thanks look forward to your response

    • gloskinbody.com.au

      Hi Kym,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The best way for us to help you with these specific questions will be via email as we will need to know a little more before we recommend for your daughters.

      One of the Professional Skin Therapists will be in touch within the next 48 hours for you via email.

      Have a great week.

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