mySkin Rewards Launch

Launching the NEW mySkin Rewards from GLO Skin Body. A loyalty program from Australia's premier online retailer of Dermalogica.

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What is mySkin Rewards?

mySkin Rewards is a customer loyalty program for all GLO Skin Body customers who purchase Dermalogica products online via It is way of rewarding you for being a loyal GLO Skin Body client. Rewards points can be used to purchase additional products that are either promotional products, travel size products, not for sale normally and a range of other skin care products.




How can I redeem mySkin Rewards?

When placing your Dermalogica order via , once you have added your products to your cart, you can go to my REWARDS and then redeem any rewards points that you have in your account. These rewards products can be added directly to your shopping cart and then you can complete your order. They will arrive then all in the same order.



You can purchase an AGE Smart limited edition gift pack for 300 points. 5

You can purchase a Clear Start Gift Pack for 250 Points.


Or you can purchase a Skin Hydrating Masque for only 200 points. 1

How can I earn mySkin Rewards?

We've made it easy for you to earn mySkin Rewards.


With every purchase that you make on you accumulate points in your mySkin Rewards account. For every $1 spent, you accumulate 1 mySkin Rewards Point.

$1 = 1 mySkin Rewards point


With every review you make for any of our Dermalogica products online you will earn 60 points.

1 Product Review = 60 mySkin Rewards points


With every social share you make for your online purchase you will earn # points in your mySkin Rewards account.

1 Social Share for Purchase = 35 mySkin Rewards points

You can also social share any of our Dermalogica products or pages through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google + and earn 35 points per share.

1 Social Share through Google + for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Twitter for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Facebook for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

1 Social Share through Pinterest for Product or Website Page = 35 mySkin Rewards points

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Can I refer friends to mySkin Rewards?

With every friend you refer to our website you will earn 200 points when they make their first purchase with us. And then you will earn 30% of their total points for every purchase they make after that.

First Friend Purchase = 200 points

2nd Friend Purchase and subsequent Purchases = 30% of friends total order points



Simply log onto your MyAccount with and select MY REFERRALS on the left hand side. Your unique referral URL and referral code is displayed. Share this URL with your family and friends for them to shop everything Dermalogica and then they must enter the referral code at checkout. Please contact us below if you have any problems doing this.

Can I donate my Rewards?

We decided that we would make available to all our GLO Skin Body customers the opportunity to convert your rewards points into a $5 donation to a charity. The charities available are:

-          McGrath Foundation

-          Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

A $5 donation to either of these charities is worth 150 points and you can donate unlimited points in increments of 150 mySkin Reward Points.


 Do my Rewards Points expire?

Yes, they do. You have 12 months to redeem your rewards points. You will be automatically sent an email when they are 45 days away from expiry,

You can check your mySkin Rewards Balance via My Account on our website. You may find that you have already accumulated some points in your recent purchases. For more information check out our Frequently asked questions.

Happy Shopping!

For more information call us on 1300 828 131 or email us at

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