LED Therapy... is this really the answer to glowing skin?

So, what is this LED therapy that I am hearing about? What can it do for my skin? Where can I get it? And how much does it cost?

You may or may not have heard of LED therapy before, so I have pulled together a bunch of questions I think might help you better understand what it is and how it can help your skin.


What is LED Therapy?

LED Therapy or otherwise known as Light Emitting Diode Therapy is a highly specialised piece of equipment that uses different colours and waves lengths to penetrate and target different depths of the skin.

What will LED Therapy do to my skin?

LED Therapy stimulates the skin at a cellular level to boost collagen production and skin renewal.
It is perfect for targeting fine lines and wrinkles together with a calming effect on skin redness.

Pop sugar reporter Chelsea Lauren tested it out a few weeks back and said her skin was left feeling "Plump, dewy, bright, virtually pore-less and ridiculously glowing skin." 

What is the LED Therapy session like?

To start with the lights are very bright and you will need to wear small goggles to protect your eyes. However, once you adjust to the brightness, it is warm and relaxing. Often people drift off to sleep or simply relax on the bed dreaming of an island holiday while the treatment is working.

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How long does LED Therapy take?

1 treatment of LED Therapy takes approximately 15 minutes. It is the perfect addition on to any treatment or service that you are having from GLO Skin Body 

Where can I get LED Therapy done?

We have LED Therapy available at our Pymble Skin Treatment Centre only.

How often do I have to get LED Therapy done?

You can have a series of LED Therapies over a few months for the best results. During your first consultation your professional skin therapist will recommend the best course of action for your skin, and to help you achieve the desired results.

How much does LED Therapy cost?

1 treatment of LED Therapy will cost $70 from GLO Skin Body.


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Cheers Sarah

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