Everything she needs for Christmas is right here

Christmas is the perfect time of year to treat that special women in your life, whether that is your mum, your best friend, your daughter or anyone that deserves to have a great skincare gift. We have collected the Dermalogica Top 10 gifts for that special women in your life.


1. Skin Perfect Primer

This primer is applied after your Dermalogica Moisturiser and can be blended over face and throat. It smooths away fine lines and primes your skin ready for make-up or you can just wear alone as it has SPF30 for sun protection. Special Price $49.58

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30

2. Multivitamin Hand & Nail Cream

This is a great all round hand and nail cream, suitable for all skin types. Keep it next to your desk or bed or pop it in your handbag. It is non-greasy and helps protect and repair the skin while also strengthening nails. Special Price $26.27

multivitamin hand and nail treatment

3. Hydro Active Mineral Salts

This can be placed in a nice relaxing bath to help soften the skin and re-vitalize the soul. A perfect addition to any of the Dermalogica gifts suggested here. Special Price Only $4.81

stress relief

4. Special Cleansing Gel

This is our #1 selling cleanser, if she hasn't tried it already, then she is missing out. It comes in 3 sizes. Best for all skin types and it removes all impurities whilst maintaining the natural moisture balance of the  skin. Prices range from $12.20 to $49.70.

special cleasning gel

5. Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

This powerful masque is full of antioxidants vitamins to help skin recover from damage and also promotes healthy tissue regeneration. Apply once per week and leave on for 7-10 minutes. Rinse and follow with a Dermalogica Moisturiser. Special Price $50.33

power recovery ma

6. Dynamic Skin Recovery

This product is truly amazing... it enhances the skins natural ability to fight signs of aging. It is applied after cleansing and toning and with SPF50 it has the best sun protection you can find. Special Price $64.75

dynamic skin recovery spf30 50mldynamic skin recovery spf30 50mlDSR SPF50

7. Exfoliating Body Scrub

This all over body scrub is great for removing any dead skin cells and helps to smooth out the skin. Special Price $36.63

body scrub

8. Climate Control Lip Treatment

Every women would want one of these for Christmas. It is great at keeping the lips soft and moist, and also helps to repair damage due to environment exposure. Special Price Only $11.22

lip balm

9. Antioxidant Hydramist

This refreshing calming mist comes in 2 sizes. Perfect for summer, it provides a refreshing mist that firms, lifts and tightens skin. This extra hydration is needed throughout the warmer months, while travelling and doing sport. Price ranges from $12.95 to $41.81

10. Multivitamin Power Firm

Best for mature or pre-maturely aging skin. Helps to combat fine lines around the eyes and lips. Your best friend in a small package. Special Price only $49.01

Multivitamin 2



These products are all recommended for women in their mid 30's and over. I will be doing another skincare blog for great gift ideas for teens and women in their 20's and early 30's.


$100 Gift Pack for Her

Coming Soon...


Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping for the women in your life. if you can't find what you are looking for, simply ask a question below or contact us.

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