Winter Skincare to make your skin GLO

Everyone feels changes in their skin during winter. Whether it is dryer, flakky or tight, we all need to ensure that during the colder months we are looking after our skin from head to toe. And that includes adjusting our routine to meet the changing needs of our skin.


These are our top 10 winter skincare tips and the Dermalogica products to match to make your skin GLO!

1. Switch out your foaming cleanser for a soothing gel cream


Our skin's pH is acidic and non-lathering cleansers have a neutral pH, so they don't disturb the pH balance of the skin and are much less drying. You can try a soothing gel cream during winter instead of foaming and non-lathering cleansers to replenish lipids and soothe sensitivity. Try Dermalogica’s UltraCalming CleanserIt is an extremely gentle cleansing gel/cream that can either be rinsed off or gently removed with tissue or The Sponge Cloth.

2. Remember to still exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that are blocking the moisturising ingredients from getting through. Some people think that you should lay off the exfoliation in winter, but it is just as important, you just need to ensure you are being gentle on the skin and not using anything to aggressive. Try Dermalogica's Daily ResurfacerThis product can be used daily as a leave-on exfoliating treatment that brightens, hydrates, evens skin tone, and delivers dramatic smoothing results.

shutterstock_102811364daily microfoliantdaily resurfacer

There is also the option of Daily Microfoliant, our #1 exfoliant. This gentle, rice-based exfoliating powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. 

3. Add moisture to your skin with a toner

You can layer on hydration and reduce tightness by spritzing after cleansing and throughout the day over makeup. The benefitof using a toner in the wintertime is that it returns your skin;s pH back to normal after cleansing. Choose from MultiActive TonerAntioxidant HydraMist or UltraCalming Mist.


4. Apply a hydrating booster

If you are suffering from that winter cold or flu and your poor nose is extra dry and sore, you may need to use a super-saturated hydrating fluid to intensely moisturise the nose area and other extra dry areas of your skin. Try Dermalogica's skin hydrating booster.

shutterstock_19511227skin hydrating booster 30ml

Simply squeeze 6-10 drops onto fingertips and apply to areas or it can be mixed with a Dermalogica moisturiser then applied to face and throat.

5. Secure the skins moisture with a lotion

You should be moisturising day and night anyway, but during the winter months you can opt for a heavier weight moisturiser for more nourishment and protection. Apply your moisturiser over damp skin to ensure maximum absorption. Remember when applying to your face, also extend to the ears, and throat, using light upward strokes. Try Super Rich repair or Intensive Moisture Balance for more intense winter moisturising.

skin hydrating booster 30ml super rich repair 50mldermalogica-intensive-moisture-balance-lgsuper rich repair


6. Treat yourself to a mask once or twice a week

A masque will provide your skin with a dramatic boost and they can be used to enhance your daily skincare routine once or twice a week. The Multivitamin power recovery masque is a powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration. Kelley's from GLO Skin Body Crows Nest says "It leaves your skin feeling revitalised, it is my must have this winter!"


7. Use a good quality lip balm... that actually works!

So many lip balms are just simply not balmy enough. Especially during winter, you need a good quality lip balm that shields the lips from environmental influences. Dermalogica's Climate control lip treatment has a protective formula that glides on easily over lips to help prevent further environmental assault. It also happens to be Saori's favourite winter product, she says "It is like a little lip therapist working on my lips all the time... and leaves my lips ready for a kiss!"


8. Look after your hands

Hands are at the forefront of the winter elements, they are exposed and in need of extra love during the winter months. If you're like me and want to have moisturised hands without the greasy feel, then try Multi-Vitamin Hand & Nail cream. This super-nourishing, fast-absorbing cream provides relief for the driest of hands without being greasy.


9. Tackle dry skin straight after your shower

In winter to stay warm, we tend to have more showers and baths that are hotter than normal, and this can really cause our skin to become dry and flakey (particularly on the legs). The UltraRich Body Cream by Dermalogica is non greasy and absorbs easily and when used both morning and night. Moisturising is always best when applied to damp skin. So, keep your mosituriser in the bathroom so that as soon as you're out of the shower you can apply it.

Sarah Fav Winter

10. Treat yourself to a skin treatment

Its cold outside, the wind is blowing and you just want to relax, feel warm and dream about your next island holiday! Plus it's a great opportunity to ensure your winter skincare routine is on track. Book in for a skin treatment, we recommend the signature Dermalogica Face Treatment that includes face mapping and is targeted to exactly what your skin needs on the day. GLO Skin Body has 2 treatment centre's in NSW, you can book here or visit Dermalogica to find your nearest store locator.



We hope this helped with some winter skincare tips to help you survive the cold. Contact us directly if you would like a personalised skincare consultation. We would love to help you with your skin health questions. If you have any additional tips for winter, we'd love to hear them also.

Stay tuned for the next post all about Connecting Stress to the Skin.






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