GLO Skin Body Team Favourite's for Winter



As we hit the middle of winter and begin to think will this cold ever end? I thought I would share with you some of the GLO Skin Body Team's favourite winter products to keep your skin healthy throughout these winter months.



GLO Skin Body Skin Therapist 

What are your favourite winter products Saori?

#1. “My favourite product in winter is the Dermalogica's Climate Control lip Treatment. My lips really suffer from the winter weather and heating leaving them looking and feeling really dry. This little product is packed with goodness like shea butter, vitamin E and lavender that keeps my lips nourished, hydrated and protected. It’s like a little lip therapist working on my lips all the timeand leaves my lips ready for a kiss!!"

 Sao Fav


#2. “My other favourite winter product is Dermalogica's Overnight Repair Serum: This product synchronises with nigh time circadian rhythms and contains a cocktail of powerful and healing essential oils. Such as argan oil, rose oil and carrot oil to help promote firmness, minimises fine lines, enhances cell renewal and boosts skin luminosity.  I would love you too to make this your love product.”

CLIMATE Control lip treatment


GLO Skin Body Skin Therapist 

You've just come back from a beach side holiday, but what are your favourite winter products?

#1. "My most favourite winter product is Dermalogica's Hydro-Active Mineral Salts A stress reducing sea salt body therapy for a skin remineralizing bath soak!  Essential oils that help to purify the skin and stimulate the senses!  With sea salt and seaweed to help soften, skin is left revitalized with a smooth finish!  A definite must have this winter!"

Christie Fav

#2. "My go-to product for this winter! Best time to treat pigmentation and uneven skin tone is winter time! Dermalogica's Tri-Active Cleanse brightens and exfoliates in one easy step! Skin is left feeling ultra clean and hydrated! A must have this winter!"

Christie Fav 2


GLO Skin Body Skin Therapist 

So, Kellie, what Dermalogica products do you need to survive the winter?

#1. "My go too winter product is amazing...The Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque! One of my absolute favorites. Especially during the winter months, full of concentrated vitamins, this masque rejuvenates, enhances barrier properties, increases elasticity, soothes calms rehydrates and nourishes your skin. It leaves your skin feeling revitalized. A must have this winter"

Kellie Fav

#2. "One of the best winter products that I'm in love with is Dermalogica's Skin Hydration Booster this is a concentrated versatile product using under a masque for intense hydration or under your moisturizer applied directly to your skin. This amazing little product helps keep your skin hydrated in the harsh dry winter days! With algae extracts Lifting up moisture levels and minimizing fine lines!"

CLIMATE Control lip treatment (1)

Next week we will have more winter favourites from the GLO Team!


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