TOP5 skin travel tips for summer

Top 5 Travel Trips As the weather is warming up so do travel plans! Here are our top 5 travel tips to ensure your skin enjoys the holiday too! Many of our clients are travelling this holiday season and a common concern is how will there skin be effected during this time. Here are some great tips that will see the health of your skin protected during your travels...near and afar.

Multi Active TonerTip 1: Keep it clean

Did you know the average moisture level in a plane is 10%?
When flying, skin should be make-up free so you can build up layers of protection.
Keep a travel size MultiActive Toner at hand for a hydration fix whenever you need.
Once you have reached your destination, the MultiActive Toner can still be used throughout the day as needed....even over make-up!

Skin Hydrating BoosterTip 2: Prep for success


Bump up hydration levels in the lead up to travel by adding Skin Hydrating Booster to your morning routine. in the evening, apply MultiVitamin Power Firm around the eyes


Dermalogica Skin KitsTip 3: Less is More


Remember, all products you bring on the plane must be 100ml or less. Make use of the travel size kits and pick products designed to target dehydration and sensitivity.



multivitamin power recovery masqueTip 4: Recharge your Skin


Apply MultiVitamin power Recovery Masque during a long flight, the healing and soothing properties will help bring tired skin back to life by the time you land.

body-therapy-favourites_2013-800x800Tip 5: De-Stress

If you have a busy schedule while your away - take time for yourself and de-stress. Add a few drops of Stress Relief oil in a soaking bath or even add to your body moisturiser if a bath isn't an option.
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