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  • Meghan Markle’s Favourite Skincare Ingredient

    Meghan Markle is a fan of Australian Tea Tree Oil Meghan Markle is a fan of Australian Tea Tree Oil

    We’re all on the look out for a wonder product that helps alleviate a multitude of skin issues.  So when The Sydney Morning Herald quoted 36-year-old former Suits actress and soon to be member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle from her interview with Allure magazine back in 2014 about her love of Tea Tree Oil we were thrilled!  This powerful ingredient deserves a bit of publicity and, like Meghan, we love it too!

    Derived from the leaves of Queensland and NSW's Melaleuca Alternifolia Myrtle Tree species, Tea Tree is anti-inflammatory, a natural antiseptic and is found to treat everything from acne, dermatitis and skin irritations to congestion in the skin.

    Meghan said it’s the the one thing she simply cannot live without when travelling. "It's not the most glamorous thing, but if you get a mosquito bite, a small breakout, no matter what it is, it's my little cure-all. It's inexpensive, it's small enough to carry on, and I bring it with me all the time."

    Dermalogica have used Tea Tree in their products for many years for the incredible skin benefits. If you’d like to try this awesome ingredient for yourself, check out our comprehensive list of Dermalogica products that contain Tea Tree - there’s something for everyone!

    Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil is found in these Dermalogica products:


  • Why You Need SPF Everyday - Not Just at the Beach...

    Did you know that two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70? And that more than 2,000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year?

    The Cancer Council estimates that Australia spends more than $1 billion per year treating skin cancer but with some key protection methods we can prevent most skin cancers!

    Most of us will remember the Slip, Slop, Slap message from years past... but now, coming up to National Skin Cancer Action Week, Australians of all ages are urged to  always use the five forms of sun protection. These are to:

    SLIP on sun-protective clothing SLOP on SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen SLAP on a broad-brimmed hat SEEK shade SLIDE on UV protective sunglasses.

    A combination of these measures, along with getting to know your skin and regularly checking for any changes, are the keys to reducing your skin cancer risk. For many Australians, applying daily sun protection is still not a ritual, even though there has been endless education and a plethora of products on the market.

    Here, Ellie Douglas - Dermalogica Training Specialist helps us navigate the different SPF products available and discusses the importance of shielding against UV rays every day, not just when we're at the beach!

    Busting the myth on sunscreen It’s a common misconception that sun protection factor (SPF) products are designed for use solely in the summer or hotter months. When the sun’s not beaming brightly, our sunscreen retires to the back of our bathroom cabinet, only to make its next appearance with the swimwear and sun hats, and by then it may have expired.

    In reality, UVA rays are present at the same intensity all year round. Being the longest rays in the spectrum, they penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin causing damage to our collagen and elastin. UVA is the culprit for much of our visible skin ageing in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone and sun spots. Other signs of damage are the appearance of small blood vessels and spider veins on the face, neck and chest.

    Don’t get a false sense of security when sitting in doors or when the weather is a dull, as UVA can penetrate unfiltered glass including some car windows. And don’t count on the clouds to protect you, as UVA is still active on cloudy days. They say, “prevention is better than cure”, and this phrase couldn’t be more fitting when talking about wearing sun protection. A daily dose of an SPF 30 - 50+ should be your number one product priority, to not only protect the skin, but prevent against the signs of premature ageing.

    Out with greasy, in with invisible! There are some highly sophisticated sunscreen technologies available today. No longer do we have to be afraid of our SPF. It doesn’t have to feel greasy and suffocating on our skin. Not all sunscreens will clog the pores and cause breakouts and congestion. In fact, with the advances in some sunscreens today, you won’t even know that you’re wearing one. And as a bonus, your chosen sunscreen can even help firm, mattify and brighten your skin, depending on your individual skin goals and challenges.

    Dermalogica uses two advanced technologies in its sunscreen formulations, making our fear of sunscreen a thing of the past…Let me introduce you to oleosomes and UV smart booster technology. Oleosomes are tiny moisturising bubbles that can be loaded with SPF. The result is a sunscreen that allows for increased SPF activity whilst using fewer chemical sunscreens and is therefore less likely to cause skin sensitivity. What’s more, these moisture rich oleosomes deliver a feather light, wearable consistency. Effective protection from harmful UV rays is a two pronged approach. Firstly, the rays must be either absorbed with chemical sun screens or reflected with physical sun screens. Secondly, the skin will benefit hugely from having a good dose of antioxidants to fight free radical damage caused by exposure to UV rays.

    Dermalogica’s UV smart booster technology provides a fresh dose of encapsulated vitamins which are cleverly released only when they encounter UV rays. Once you’ve found a sunscreen that you’re happy with, the next part is applying it correctly.

    Here are Ellie's top tips for optimum protection: - Apply ideally 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. - The Cancer Council of Australia’s guide to applying sun screen is half a teaspoon for the face, ears and front and back of neck. - Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. - Don’t forget bald heads, thinning scalps, the chest, arms and hands - they all need protecting too!

    Selecting a sunscreen for your skin type and lifestyle Many of Dermalogica’s sunscreens are built into a moisturiser, so if you’re time poor these make a good option - just pick out one that’s best suited to your skin. But if you already love your daytime moisturiser, then consider a product like Solar Defense Booster SPF 50, this innovative sunscreen allows you to add a few drops to your moisturiser or even your foundation and get the protection you require.

    Reactive and sensitive skin: Choose a physical sunscreen such as the Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30. This 2 in 1 moisturiser, formulated with natural mineral sunscreens, contains oat and botanical actives to help minimise any skin irritation.

    Oily skin and breakouts: Use a medicated, oil free treatment moisturiser with an SPF 30+. We recommend Oil Free Matte SPF 30 from the MediBac Clearing system.

    Fine line and wrinkles: It has to be Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50. With its medium weight consistency, it’s a winner for all skin types. This ultra-hydrating sunscreen is jam packed with antioxidants and age fighting vitamins and peptides.

    Uneven skin tone and brown spots: Pure Light SPF 50 is the product of choice. It shields the skin from UV-induced hyper-pigmentation, whilst brightening peptides and exfoliating enzymes enhance skin tone and fade dark spots. Thankfully, sunscreens have come a long way in the past five years; they’re feather light, fast-absorbing and with added skin benefits. Whether it's skin cancer prevention or a desire to slow down the ageing process, sunscreen has it covered and more. It’s time to upgrade your sunscreen from the back of the bathroom cabinet and make it a daily staple product alongside your cleanser and moisturiser.

    19-25th November 2017 is National Skin Cancer Action Week. 

    image: @melandco_


  • Your Skincare Christmas Gift Guide!

    Your Best Ever Christmas Gift Guide!

    ’Tis The Season of Giving - So Why Not Give The Gift of Great Skin!

    With Christmas just around the corner, GLO  has your gift giving problems solved with these great ideas...



    Gifts under $50

    The Perfect Kris Kringle Gift The Perfect Kris Kringle Gift

    Daily Skin Health Double Cleanse Duo

    Give someone a fast track to healthy skin with these cleansing essentials. Together, they will melt away stubborn party makeup, excess oil, dirt and grime, to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and hydrated this holiday season.

    Contains: Dermalogica's number one selling cleanser, Special Cleansing Gel 50ml and NEW! PreCleanse Balm 15ml

    Value $29 GLO Price $20

    Meet Dermalogica Kit

    Say Merry Christmas with a collection of Dermalogica's most popular products. Perfect for holidays and travelling!

    Meet Dermalogica kit contains:

    Special Cleansing Gel 50ml - Dermalogica's Number 1 cleanser, a deep cleaning foaming cleanser that is a total crowd pleaser!

    Daily Microfoliant 13g -  Multi-award winning, rice-based powder to paste emulsion is a cult classic that will brighten and even skin tone.

    Skin Smoothing Cream 22ml - The top selling, medium weight moisturiser leaves skin deeply nourished but not at all oily.

    MultiVitamin Power Firm 5ml - Smoothes and firms fine lines with a powerful anti-ageing cocktail of ingredients.

    RRP $45 GLO Price $35


    Special Cleansing Gel 250ml

    This gentle foaming cult favourite and Dermalogica's number one selling cleanser is going to make someone's Christmas Day! Soap free and fragrance free, this cleanser washes away impurities without stripping or drying and calming agents work to smooth and purify the skin.


    RRP $55.50 GLO Price $43.78


    Skin Smoothing Cream 50ml

    Dermalogica's most popular moisturiser will make a perfect gift for someone this Christmas.

    Antioxidants help fight skin-ageing and skin damaging free radicals while smoothing fine lines and promoting elasticity. Rich emollients help shield against dehydration and pollution.


    RRP $64.50 GLO Price $50.39


    E-Gift Christmas Card

    Too much choice or not sure what someone will love? Our instant Christmas E-Gift Card is the perfect choice.

    Giving a e-Gift is easy!

    1. Choose a Value
    2. Select your gift certificate style
    3. Write your message
    4. Print or email
    5. We will send you and/or the recipient a PDF file with the gift voucher that you can print or email.


    Gifts under $100

    Overnight Repair Serum

    Give the incredible gift of true Beauty Sleep!  This serum synchonises with nighttime circadian rhythms to enhance skin nourishment, recovery, cell renewal and hydration levels. It delivers a quicker, more effective penetration of active ingredients to address skin issues leaving skin refreshed and luminous.

    RRP $99 GLO Price $75.98


    AGE Smart Daily Defenders

    Help someone defend against the effects of summer and the party season by giving them this exclusive AGE Smart trio, bursting with powerful antioxidants and age-preventative peptides.

    Contains: Dynamic Skin Recovery 50ml - Dermalogica's number one selling SPF moisturiser, Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 30ml - exfoliates and cleanses in one creamy application & Antioxidant Hydramist 30ml - firms and hydrates in a delightful spritz.

    RRP $105 GLO Price $85


    Super Rich Repair

    A gift for that really super person... this super-concentrated, heavyweight cream combats chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely-ageing skin conditions while it repairs and protects. As the richest Dermalogica Moisturiser, it soothes, hydrates and replenishes even the thirstiest skin while acting as a protective salve to fight extreme cold and dry environmental conditions.


    AGE Smart Anti-Ageing Power Trio

    The perfect skin companions to gift someone this holiday season – this powerful trio of anti-ageing heroes is the all-in-one party prep and remedy they'll love you for!


    NEW! Daily Superfoliant 57g - This highly active powder resurfacer leaves skin ultra-smooth, while combatting the environmental pollution triggers known to cause brown spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

    MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque 15ml - A powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration.

    Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 10ml - Encourage firmness, elasticity, and hydration while helping to defend against the primary causes of skin ageing with this medium-weight, emollient daily moisturiser with SPF50.

    RRP $90 GLO Price $72


    Active Moist 100ml

    On those hot, summer days, a lightweight, oil-free lotion is perfect for daily moisture protection that actively combats surface dehydration while smoothing the skin's surface with botanical extracts. Merry Christmas!

    RRP $80.50 GLO Price $62


    For Her

    AGE Reversal Eye Complex

    The ultimate gift for someone who values the finer thing in life. Reverse multiple signs of skin ageing around the delicate eye area with this advanced Retinol treatment. State-of-the-art microsphere technology optimises bioavailability of Retinol into the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines while microencapsulated Niacinamide and Ash Tree Bark Extract maintain hydration and reduce visible dark circles.

    RRP $101 GLO Price $78.87


    AGE Smart Starter Kit

    The ultimate gift for someone who loves skincare! This starter kit contains a full skincare regimen that is packed with anti-ageing properties and leaves you looking and feeling amazing.

    Products include: 

    • Skin resurfacing Cleanser 30ml - Convenient two-in-one product thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates skin in one easy step.
    • Antioxidant Hydramist 30ml - A refreshing mist that can be spritzed on face throughout the day and creates instant firming action to lift and tighten the skin.
    • Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque 15ml - A restorative masque to help boost skin hydration and suppleness.
    • Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 10ml - Encourage firmness, elasticity, and hydration while helping to defend against the primary causes of skin ageing with this medium-weight, emollient daily moisturiser with SPF50.
    • Multivitamin Power Firm 5ml - Increases skin elasticity and firmness by stimulating collagen synthesis and reinforcing cell to cell linkages.
    • Map 15 regenerator 0.5g - Stimulates collagen production to firm skin and brighten skin tone.

    RRP $81.50 GLO Price $63.87


    Hydrablur Primer

    She'll be ready for the party season with this ideal multi-tasking primer for all skin conditions, particularly dry or dehydrated skin. This lightweight, non-greasy formula powerfully hydrates and transforms skin into an even surface with a dramatic “blurring” effect. The result is a flawless canvas for make-up application – or a naturally-radiant, make-up-free appearance.

    RRP $70 GLO Price $54.98


    Gifts for Him

    Dermalogica Men's Large Travel Bag

    The perfect travel bag for them these Christmas holidays, large enough to put all their small, loose travel items or even to use as a carry on bag when flying.

    RRP $53 GLO Price $43


    Protection 50 Sport

    Protect them this Christmas in with this sheer solar protection treatment. Defends against prolonged skin damage from UV light and environmental assault. Oleosome microspheres help enhance SPF performance and counteract moisture loss triggered by extended daylight exposure.

    RRP $52 GLO Price $39.64


    Shave System Kit

    Give him a complete regimen to guarantee not only the closet shave possible, but also his healthiest skin ever this Christmas!

    Products Include:

    Daily Clean Scrub 44ml - A dual-action exfoliating cleanser that removes dulling surface debris, helping to lift the beard for a closer, cleaner shave.

    Pre-Shave Guard 28.3g - Helps soften heavy, rough beards.

    Soothing Shave Cream 74ml - An ultra-lubricating cream that delivers a super-close shave that won’t leave skin feeling sore. It helps skin recover from damage while preventing aggravation brought on by shaving.

    Post-Shave Balm 10ml - Reduce discomfort and redness brought on by shaving with this super cooling treatment balm. Intensely moisturises and soothes to shorten post-shave recovery time.

    RRP $59 GLO Price $46.18


    Travel Essentials Kit

    On the road or in the air this Christmas, anyone who received this awesome gift will have all their travel essentials sorted!


    Daily Cleansing Shampoo 50ml - A nourishing, sulfate-free shampoo that delivers healthy, shiny hair with every use.

    Daily Conditioning Rinse 50ml - A moisture-rich conditioner that restores softness and shine for vibrantly healthy hair.

    Conditioning Body Wash 75ml - Purifying essential oils and natural extracts cleanse the body without over-drying. Conditions the skin, de-stresses the mind and soothes the senses.

    Body Hydrating Cream 75ml - This quickly-absorbed body cream also smoothes away dull, rough debris to retexturise skin.

    RRP $59 GLO Price $48.60


    Soothing Shave Cream 177ml

    You can't beat a classic Christmas gift for the man in your life. Good old shaving cream has been given a professional edge! This ultra-lubricating cream delivers a super-close shave that won't leave skin feeling sore. It helps skin recover from damage while preventing aggravation brought on by shaving.

    RRP $29.50 GLO Price $22.96


    For Teens

    Clear Start Skin Kit

    What Teen doesn’t want clear skin this Christmas? They'll be over the moon when they receive this medicated skin system that is tough on breakouts, yet gentle on skin. Potent active ingredients and naturally-gentle botanicals deliver your clearest, healthiest skin ever.


    Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash 50ml - This breakout fighting foaming wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. Use on your face, back, neck ... wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer breakouts.

    Breakout Clearing All Over Toner 50ml - This unique mist-all-over purifying toner controls excess oils and helps eliminate breakouts on the face and body. Refreshing extracts help cool and revive skin.

    Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment 15ml - A lightweight moisturiser & powerful blemish treatment that helps clear persistent congestion & breakouts.

    Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser SPF 15 15ml - This ultra-light, non-greasy hydrating formula controls oily areas like the nose and forehead for an all-over matte finish. SPF helps shield against the UV rays that can make breakouts worse and cause dark spots.

    Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment 15ml - Wake up to clearer skin! This invisible treatment absorbs quickly then works all night to fight breakouts. Rest easy as it purifies to ensure you awake with less congestion, fewer breakouts and reduced redness.

    Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque sample - This potent masque helps clear breakouts while a cooling sensation refreshes and soothes.

    RRP $54 GLO Price $45.39


    Clear Start Matte Moisturiser

    They'll love this moisturiser that minimises oil and shine. This ultra-light, non-greasy, hydrating formula controls areas like the nose and forehead for an all-over matte finish. SPF helps shield against the UV rays that can make breakouts worse and cause dark spots.

    RRP $31.36 GLO Price $24.09 


  • Want to know more about PreCleanse Balm?

    Love wearing make-up, but hate the daily battle to remove it?
    With the trend towards smudge proof, long-stay and waterproof make-up, our skins are dirtier than ever. Throw sunscreens, environmental pollutants our natural oils and dead skin cells into the mix and we’re facing quite the arduous cleanse. Not only is it time taxing to get our skin clean on a daily basis, but if we’re not thoroughly cleansing, then we may end up with congestion and breakouts, and at worse, skin sensitivity and accelerated ageing.
    No more heavy-duty cleansing!
    Welcome to step zero and Dermalogica’s latest product innovation, PreCleanse Balm: the secret to effortless cleansing and healthy skin. 
    A balm-to-oil version of Dermalogica’s top selling oil cleanser PreCleanse oil, the new PreCleanse Balm is your saviour to simple, yet effective cleansing. Designed to break through the layers of long-stay and waterproof make-up, excess oils, sunscreens and pollutants, this ultra-hydrating balm melts away all traces of product build up, without disturbing the skins protective barrier. Simply leaving behind zero make-up or residue with zero irritation.
    How does a balm clean my skin?
    The benefit of using a plant based oil or balm to melt away the coating of makeup, dirt, and SPF is like using a magnet, as the oils in the cleanser bind to oil soluble debris on the skin. When you then add water, the cleanser turns milky as they emulsify, lifting the trapped debris and rinsing it away.
    So what comes after step zero?

    After you’ve removed the build-up lining your skin, you’re then ready to move onto a second cleanse that will be able to clean the skin’s surface and within the pores. The result? Super healthy, clean skin. We recommend your second Dermalogica cleanser be suited to your own individual skin type, challenges and consistency preferences. Choose from the refreshing, foaming wash Special Cleansing Gel, the super gentle UltraCalming® Cleanserthe creamy, nourishing Essential Cleansing Solution, the oil absorbing Dermal ClayCleanser, the retexturing Skin Resurfacing Cleanser or the medicated, acne controlling Clearing Skin Wash.

    PreCleanse Balm PreCleanse Balm
    • Key ingredients in NEW PreCleanse Balm include: Natural Biolipid Complex - locks in hydration and reinforces the skin’s barrier 
    • Apricot Kernel Oil - nourishes skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth
    • Invigorating blend of essential oils - refreshes the senses and revitalizes the skin
    The new PreCleanse Balm is ideal for all skin conditions, especially normal to dry. It’s safe for use around the eye area, so good news for our make-up lovers! We cannot wait to get our hands on this new product. If you feel the same then get your hands on our awesome Pre Launch Offer - Available for pre-order now!! 
  • NEW! PreCleanse Balm is here!

    Introducing NEW! PreCleanse Balm.

    The dirt: Did you know that the average person only spends 20 seconds cleansing their skin? That’s not enough to get off all the make-up, sunscreen, excess sebum and environmental pollutants that build up throughout the day. Plus, today’s formulas are designed to stay on the skin for longer wear, so it takes more than a single surfactant or soap-based cleanser to get everything off.

    NEW PreCleanse Balm cuts through the build-up in just one application, setting the state for your healthiest-looking skin ever.

    A water-activated formula that transforms from a balm to an oil, PreCleanse Balm is an innovative take on Dermalogica’s iconic, top-selling PreCleanse Oil. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, PreCleanse Balm features a Natural Biolipid Complex that locks in hydration and reinforces the skin barrier while Apricot Kernel Oil helps nourish the skin – AND it comes with a double-sided, ergonomically-designed mitt for enhanced cleansing and exfoliation!

    PreCleanse Balm can remove almost anything, including waterproof mascara, long-wear foundation, sunscreen, lipstick, eyelash glue, hair removal wax, costume make-up and chewing gum in hair!

    NEW PreCleanse Balm is “step zero” in Dermalogica’s Double Cleanse technique, the Dermalogica Skin Therapist’s go-to method for achieving ultra-clean, healthy skin.

    We have an exciting launch deal coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

    Your Cleanest Skin Yet! Take it all off with New PreCleanse Balm!

  • We answer your questions about Daily Microfoliant vs Daily Superfoliant

    We have been asked many questions in relation to Daily Microfoliant and Daily Superfoliant…

    • Is Daily Superfoliant a replacement for Daily Microfoliant?
    • Is Daily Superfoliant better than Daily Microfoliant?
    • Which one should I use??

    So we hope to set the record straight when it comes to these two great products.

    Daily Microfoliant is a multi-award winning product and one of the most globally in-demand in the Dermalogica range. This rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates the skin and is renowned for its smoothing and brightening capabilities.

    It is gentle enough to use everyday and works to remove dulling surface debris to reveal brighter, smoother skin while stimulating cell renewal for improved suppleness. It helps balance uneven pigmentation for a more even complexion.

    So, when Dermalogica launched Daily Superfoliant, many people thought “Yeah! An even BETTER version of Daily Microfoliant!” Whilst it may seem similar with Dermalogica's innovative powder technology, the two products in fact have very different uses, ingredients and key benefits.

    Daily Superfoliant has become extremely popular, it is a versatile product that people have fallen in love with since its launch. It is much courser in consistency than Daily Microfoliant. It exfoliates skin to help prevent premature signs of ageing due to environmental pollutants and acts as more of a resurfacer than it’s skin polishing and brightening counterpart.

    Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits of both these products and how they are actually best used when complementing each other.

    Daily Microfoliant Daily Microfoliant






    Daily Microfoliant

    • Daily Microfoliant is renowned for its smoothing and brightening properties
    • The pH of Daily Microfoliant is slightly acidic which helps tighten and minimise the appearance of pores
    • The lower pH of Daily Microfoliant contains more skin brightening actives such as Phytic Acid, as well as skin-soothing Oatmeal.
    Daily Superfoliant

    Daily Superfoliant


    Daily Superfoliant

    • Daily Superfoliant resurfaces skin to help prevent premature signs of pollution-induced skin ageing.
    • The pH of Daily Superfoliant is slightly Alkaline, promoting temporary opening of pores to help cleanse and remove pollutants.
    • Daily Superfoliant contains higher levels of more skin-resurfacing enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acids and anti-pollution ingredients.

    We recommend that used over alternate days or even morning and night, these two products work wonderfully and most efficiently together!

    To harness the key properties of both these products, we have a Foliant-Duo Gift Set for a limited time! Every purchase over $120 will receive a Trial size duo containing Daily Microfoliant and Daily Superfoliant. While stocks last, so hurry!

    Check out our clip on why Superfoliant is right for your skin.

  • Grab your FREE Daily Duo Valued at $24

  • Facial Oils - 5 Benefits of this Beauty Game-changer

    Most of us will remember our teenage years, desperately seeking out "Oil-Free" skincare, having had it ingrained is us to avoid anything with oil otherwise we will suffer from breakouts. Yes, some oils will clog the skin, but the right oils will actually clear breakouts and leave the skin deeply nourished, hydrated and repaired.

    The beauty world has been using oils for thousands of years for their many beauty benefits with Cleopatra said to have used Almond Oil on her skin. It's only recently that oils have had a resurgence as people recognise their many skin and health benefits.

    Beth Bialko, Global Education Developer for Dermalogica says Facial Oils work for every skin type,  "they can dramatically strengthen, hydrate, and shield the skin while promoting a healthy, smooth, dewy finish."

    As long as you use plant-based oils instead of synthetic or petroleum based ones, you can actually treat skin concerns such as dryness, ageing, uneven tone, sensitivity and acne without causing new concerns such as breakouts.

    Here are 5 benefits to using facial oils:

    1. They can reduce signs of premature ageing.

    The causes of premature ageing such as too much exposure to UV rays, naturally occurring laugh and frown lines and uneven skin tone can be reduced with oils that contain antioxidants, which aim to reduce further ageing and re-hydrating dry, lacklustre skin.

    2. They're good for dry skin.

    This cool weather can really dehydrate the skin. Oils are the ideal antidote to dry, flaky skin and rough, rosy cheeks — and they can be layered underneath your everyday moisturiser for extra hydration or used alone.

    3. They really protect your skin.

    Oils can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturising goodness in, while keeping toxins and other common irritants out. Some oils, such as Overnight Repair Serum also help to fortify and strengthen our skin's barrier function.

    4. They're the perfect primer for makeup.

    Oils are absorbed quickly by the skin, carefully hydrating and creating a perfect canvas for makeup application. The more hydrated your skin, the better your make up will look, without any dry, flaky patches. Phyto Replenish Oil will leave the skin with a youthful glow when applied under makeup or gently warmed in the hands and pressed gently onto the skin.

    5. They're anti-inflammatory and can reduce break outs.

    Many oils have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe irritated skin. Oil cleansers like PreCleanse also allow for deeper cleansing on the skin, the beneficial oil attracting the pore-clogging, bad oil and allowing for deep cleansing of the skin which will enable other medicated products to be properly absorbed.


  • Pregnancy Skin Care Our Top 4 Answers

    There’s no denying that Pregnancy is a mixed bag. There’s pure happiness and joy, then there’s dealing with raging hormones and emotions, not to mention the bodily changes you go through that can be both good, bad and simply uncomfortable! The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and the skin is no exception.

    Skin changes occur in about 90% of pregnant women in one form or another; while some women have ‘that pregnancy glow’, pigmentation, acne and sensitivity are some of the most common skin concerns that flare up during pregnancy. Mums-to-be need to know what products, ingredients and technologies are safe to use while expecting to keep their skin in optimum condition and help alleviate some of the conditions they might experience.

    There are many opinions between doctors and different studies with varying information, so it’s imperative that you consult with your GP prior to the use of skin care products and receiving treatments. Here are three of the most common questions related to skincare during pregnancy.

    1. Can I use Salicylic Acid?

    This Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is an excellent exfoliant and can be used to treat acne and resurface skin. In high concentrations it is considered a risk during pregnancy and should be avoided, especially in professional resurfacing and peels. Small percentages used in skin care (for example less than 2% in a wash off Cleanser) are considered safe.

    2. What about Aromatherapy? 

    It’s recommended to avoid using most essential oils during the first and second trimester as they can enter into the bloodstream and when used in high doses can cause foetal damage. Commonly used oils to avoid include; Peppermint, Basil, Cedar Wood, Celery Seed, Nutmeg, Citronella, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Marjoram, Rose, Melissa, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Cypress, Parsley and Rosemary.

    However the use of some oils are safe and aid in stress reduction, relief of back pain and swollen ankles. Using very small quantities is essential, a drop will suffice in a carrier oil. Oils that are safe to use include Mandarin, Geranium, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Cypress and Frankincense.

    3. Can I have technology used when I have a skin treatment?

    In the treatment room there are lots of options your therapist has to deliver great results. Some of these advanced tools (known as electrical modalities in the industry) is not recommended, these may be referred to by your therapist as Galvanic, High Frequency, Microcurrent, Ultrasonic, Microdermabrasion and Laser. Best practice says to avoid any of these.

    4. Is Vitamin A (Retinol) safe to use? 

    Many doctors recommend pregnant women should avoid or screen all products containing Vitamin A (retinol) and its derivatives such as Isotretinoin, Retinoic Acid and Oral Retinoids. High doses of Vitamin A can, in extreme cases, be a possible cause of birth defects so as a general rule it’s best to avoid these products unless advised otherwise by your GP.

    With the right products and professional skin treatments it is possible to achieve your skincare goals throughout your pregnancy and in the months afterwards.  Here are some all time fave Dermalogica products to nourish and hydrate your skin during pregnancy:

    UltraCalming Range - Soothe and calm sensitive skin and reduce redness or inflammation

    Daily Microfoliant - Brighten, gently exfoliate and illuminate skin and balance uneven skin pigmentation

    Skin Hydrating Masque - A refreshing, moisturising masque that restores critical moisture to dry, stressed skin

    If your looking for further advice come in and see us for a free face mapping consultation, call us 1300 828 131 or complete our online skin consultation.
  • Why Should I Wear SPF in Winter?

    If there’s one thing you should read today and remember forever it’s this…

    UV levels are not related to heat.

    That’s pretty simple, hey?

    It’s a wide misconception that we only need to apply sunscreen when the sun is out or when it is hot. Sun damage is not just waiting to happen when you are lying on the beach on a tropical getaway. It’s the silent danger that is present year round and we need to be more vigilant when it comes to applying our SPF year round.

    It’s a worrying fact that only about 20% of Australian’s are wearing an SPF product in Winter according to a survey by Canstar Cannex. Depending on where you live in Australia, the requirement changes so it’s important that you educate yourself on the daily UV levels where you are. The Cancer Council’s SunSmart App is available on the App Store and shows a localised daily UV rating. As a minimum, anything above UV 3 requires sun protection but the best skincare advice is to make a life-long commitment to applying your sunscreen everyday.

    It’s also important to remember that SPF products have an expiry date printed on the bottle. If your sunscreen has expired, toss it! It means the SPF is no longer active and you will not be protected from the Sun.

    So how does this affect my Dermalogica products?

    Well, winter is a great time to add some more nourishing products to your daily skincare routine. Dynamic Skin Recovery provides intense moisture and anti-ageing properties at the same time as an SPF.

    And for those of you who love Active Moist, Skin Smoothing Cream and Intensive Moisture Balance you can very simply boost them (or any Dermalogica moisturiser!) to include SPF by mixing in Solar Defense Booster SPF50.

    Dermalogica also includes SPF across moisturisers for Acne Prone Skin and Sensitive Skin as well as in their Primers and Tinted Moisturisers and Eye Cream. Not to mention their specific Sunscreens. Your skin is well and truely protected!

    So next time it’s raining and cold outside, don’t forget your jumper, scarf…and Dermalogica Sunscreen or SPF Moisturiser!

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