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  • NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum

    Many of us make the assumption that the way we age is based on genetics. What we now know, however, is that up to 50% of the ageing we see on our skin is generated from our exposmoes – our environments and our daily lifestyle habits. UV and pollution exposure, dietary choices, stress and sleep patterns, and even our technology consumption can all significantly accelerate skin ageing.

    In our modern busy lives, and in a world that’s rapidly growing, how can we get a handle on this exposome-driven skin ageing and preserve the youth and health of our skin? The skin experts at Dermalogica have brought us a solution in the form of a break-through, dual-phase, high performing serum. Introducing the NEW AGESmart Phyto-Nature Firming Serum, Dermalogica’s most advanced serum to date.

    Science in a Bottle

    Clinically proven to reduce visible wrinkles in four weeks, the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum works in two phases: firstly, it re-activates the nature of younger skin, and secondly, it protects against future skin damage. Fusing the best of science with mother nature’s potent pharmacy, Phyto-Nature Firming Serum lifts and firms by working with the skin’s owns mechanisms to restore youth and safeguard against future environmental assault. Each of the phases is housed separately in a dual-chamber bottle to keep them potent, and then then they’re only mixed together upon application.

    Separate Oil and Water based chambers mix actives for maximum results

    Reactivating the Nature of Your Younger Skin

    We now understand that the ageing we see on our skin - lines, wrinkles, loss of tone - is driven by our genes AND exposome. As we get older, processes that help maintain youthful skin naturally decline, but this demise is exacerbated by lifestyle factors too. One of these key processes is the skin’s defence mechanism. Our skin is pre-programmed to fight internal and external stress, but these capabilities weaken over time, meaning the skin is more vulnerable to damage. One of our skin’s hero defenders is a powerful antioxidant called Glutathione. In an older skin versus a younger skin, there are smaller supplies of Glutathione which explains why we experience more lines and wrinkles as we age. Exposure to UV and pollution also depletes the youth-preserving supplies of Glutathione. To boost the skin’s natural defences, the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum features a Glutathione peptide. This peptide is a very potent antioxidant and is therefore easily broken down, so it’s bound to Sapphire, to help shield it and infuse it deeper into the skin.

    Another process the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum helps to restore is the deterioration of the cells in the skin responsible for making our collagen and elastin. In older skin, this firming technology has become outdated; it’s slower and less productive which means that the skin shows more lines, wrinkles and sagging. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-28 helps to promote firmer, younger-looking skin.

    Along with a decline in the skin’s defence and structure, some of our skin cells can become hostile as we get older, morphing from healthy skin cells into ‘zombie’ skin cells that accelerate skin aging by secreting harmful toxins. Another designer peptide featured in the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum is Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2. This advanced peptide keeps the zombie population at bay by improving the vitality of the skin.

    Safe Proofing to Slow Down the Clock

    In conjunction to re-programming the skin to behave younger, the second phase of the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum features a blend of exclusive botanical bio-actives, designed to prevent premature skin aging driven by our exposomes. Moroccan Rockrose Extract provides a rich source of antioxidants for an extra boost of defence, while Madagascar Green Coffee reduces and controls inflammation – another contributor to premature skin ageing. Whether it’s a tight time schedule, a demanding career, or a lack of sleep, stress is a common denominator in most of our lives and it also plays a central role in skin aging. Camu Camu, a ‘youth berry’ from the Amazon is rich in vitamin C and has the ability to deflect stress from wreaking havoc on the skin.

    To top off the incredible mix of youth-boosting peptides and botanicals in the NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum, there’s also a next-generation version of Hyaluronic Acid. It provides an instant flash firming effect on the skin, meaning you’ll see results from just one use.

    How to Use Phyto Nature Firming Serum:

    Phyto-Nature Firming Serum can be used twice daily. Dispense 1 – 2 pumps into the palms of your hand and blend the two serums together, then apply onto a clean face and neck. Once absorbed, follow with your moisturiser and SPF for essential daytime protection.

    The NEW Phyto-Nature Firming Serum provides a radical solution to healthy, youthful skin. If you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase luminosity and build skin resilience then sign up for our exclusive pre-launch offer starting Wednesday 21st August.

  • Say goodbye to Spots Today!

    Did you know that adult acne is on the rise and women are five times more likely to develop breakouts? Stress, constant hormonal fluctuations and the surge in pollution levels all contribute to those painful, inflamed and sore breakouts we experience as adults.

    Teen Acne versus Adult Acne

    Unlike teen acne, adult acne takes longer to clear and fade. This is because as adults, our skin takes longer to heal, especially if stress is present, and as a result, we see more marking leftover on the skin. So even though that pesky pimple is no longer active, your skin is left with a lingering mark, which is almost as equally frustrating. And what we know, is that the post-inflammatory pigmentation that appears after a breakout creates an uneven skin tone and accelerates skin ageing.

    Dermalogica’s Modern Approach to Adult Breakouts

    In response to the latest underrating of adult acne, Dermalogica has identified the need for breakout clearing skincare that’s designed specifically for an adult skin. Backed by the latest research, Active Clearing uses powerful ingredient technology to leave the skin clearer and brighter than ever before.

    This full system of skincare now features two NEW targeted treatments: the AGE Bright Clearing Serum and AGE Bright Spot Fader.

    New! AGE Bright Clearing Serum

    NEW AGE Bright Clearing Serum

    This ultra-lightweight advanced serum works hard to both clear and brighten the skin. Along with targeting acne-causing bacteria, it smooths fine lines and promotes a more radiant, softer skin. It’s ideal for anyone experiencing under the surface congestion and/or hormonal breakouts, accompanied by dullness and dehydration.

    To use, dispense a few drops from the glass dropper and apply a thin layer to clean skin. Allow to dry before following with your moisturiser. The AGE Bright Clearing Serum can be used twice a day and applied to the whole face or just to the affected areas, such as the jawline where we commonly see adult breakouts.

    Key Ingredients in AGE Bright Clearing Serum from Active Clearing:

    • AGE Bright Complex – contains Dermalogica’s patented TT Technology fused with Niacinamide to support your skins natural microbiome (bacteria) to clear the skin.  Resurrection Plant – delivers an injection of hydration to help relieve sensitivity, promote clear skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
    • 2% Salicylic Acid – increases cell turnover to help clear impacted follicles and smooth the skin.
    • Niacinamide works with White Shitake Mushroom to combat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin significantly brighter.

    NEW! AGE Bright Spot Fader

    NEW AGE Bright Spot Fader

    A true multi-tasker, the NEW AGE Bright Spot Fader is a 2-in1 brightening spot treatment that helps reduce the appearance of active breakouts, along with the marks they leave behind. Not only will it bring down your breakouts, but it will fade the scarring that characterises adult breakouts. This is a must-have treatment for anyone who experiences breakouts as an adult.

    After cleansing and toning, twist the top of the AGE Bright Spot Fader and apply the AGE Bright Spot Fader directly to individual breakouts as soon as they appear, twice a day. If using in conjunction with the AGE Bright Clearing Serum, apply the serum first, followed by the AGE Bright Spot Fader.  

    Key Ingredients in AGE Bright Spot Fader from Active Clearing:

    • AGE Bright Complex – contains Dermalogica’s patented TT Technology fused with Niacinamide to support your skins natural microbiome (bacteria) to clear the skin.  Resurrection Plant – delivers an injection of hydration to help relieve sensitivity, promote a clear skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
    • 2% Salicylic Acid – increases cell turnover to help clear impacted follicles and reduce the redness associated with adult breakouts.
    • Niacinamide and Hexyl Resorcinol – target and fade post-breakout marks to improve uneven skin tone.

    Get ready to clear and brighten your skin with Dermalogica’s New Active Clearing Duo: Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader.


  • The Return of Dermalogica's MultiVitamin Power Serum

    It’s back! Our favourite age fighting serum from Dermalogica’s advanced AGEsmart system has returned. A skin smoothing elixir, MultiVitamin Power Serum combines microencapsulated vitamins with active firming peptides. This velvety, potent serum delivers dramatic skin repair that leaves the skin brighter, firmer and smoother.

    More on The Techy Vitamin Blend

    To get the most from the blend of restorative vitamins, Dermalogica has packaged them up in an advanced form of microencapsulation liposome technology. What this does is ensure the vitamins are kept stable and potent, plus the liposomes act like a taxi, transporting the microencapsulated vitamins deep into skin. Plus, the encapsulated vitamins are suspended in a Sunflower butter and velvety silicone base to support long-term stability and performance along creating a smooth, wearable feel.

    The encapsulated vitamins consist of Vitamins A, C and E. Each vitamin possesses powerful antioxidant properties to help prevent future skin damage and provide skin repair. But each vitamin has additional unique benefits for the skin. Firstly, Vitamin A smooths and softens the skin. It also helps to firm and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Next, highly stabilised and active form of Vitamin C defends, firms and brighten the skin, helping to reverse signs of premature ageing and even skintone And finally, encapsulated Vitamin E helps conditions and strengthens the skin.

    But that’s not all, MultiVitamin Power Serum also features the following cosmeceutical ingredients:

    • Bio-Retinol Complex: a companion to the encapsulated Vitamin A, not only does it smooth the skin’s texture, but it also helps the skin to defend itself against the triggers of premature ageing.
    • Ascorbyl Glucoside: acts as a Vitamin C booster, brightening dull looking skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in younger looking skin.
    • Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14: this hardworking peptide smooths and firms to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps prevent against some of the triggers of accelerated skin ageing.

    Sarah Talks about the return on MultiVitamin Power Serum

    MultiVitamin Power Serum is a must have for anyone concerned with lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture. This high performing serum leaves skin looking more radiant and youthful. It can be used morning and night, after toning and before moisturising.

    Grab your MultiVitamin Power Serum today or if you need help or advice on the right Dermalogica Products and regimen for your skin then jump into our Online Skin Consultation Here

  • Grab your Free Prisma Partners Pack Today.

    Dermalogica has just launched Prisma Protect spf15! This multi-tasking moisturiser defends against UV rays, free radical damage and pollution. It visibly smooths and hydrates all day long while boosting the skins natural luminosity. 

    GLO Skin Body is celebrating this exciting launch by offering a Prisma Protect Partners Pack when you spend over $120. This fantastic offer includes two perfect partners with a bonus cosmetics bag.

    Included is Sound Sleep Cocoon mini 10 ml.  

    During the day skin cells are working to protect themselves from UV exposure and free radical damage. Prisma Protect SPF15 works with this daytime defense mode delivering SPF protection, blocking 85% of particulate pollutants and converting visible light into increased skin luminosity, boosting  the skin's defenses and natural radiance.
    When the sun goes down the opposite happens, our skin switches into regeneration mode- repairing day time damage and boosting the production of substances that protect and renew.

    As its name might suggest Sound Sleep Cocoon (the night time partner of Prisma Protect) is designed to be used at night to work with the body's natural circadian rhythms. And what is that, you may ask? Our bodies are run by a circadian rhythm and internal clock consisting of a 24 hour cycle which is affected by the light and darkness in a person’s environment. At night, the skin is able to better  absorb active ingredients and repair damage that has occurred during the day.

     Sound Sleep Cocoon boosts radiance by replenishing the hydration that the skin loses throughout the day. It delivers  active ingredients at night, when skin is at its most receptive and encourages restful sleep with essential oils. Sound Sleep Cocoon is best used as your last step in your night time routine over your moisturiser to further enhance overnight hydration.

    Included is Precleanse Mini 15ml. This is a great makeup remover, even for water proof mascara and long wearing lipstick. It dissolves oil-based make-up, oil, sunscreens and environmental pollutants from the skin's surface, enabling skin to be thoroughly cleansed and feel calm and nourished. This will also assist  your prescribed Dermalogica cleanser. 

    All of this is then packed inside a beautiful Prisma Protect inspired cosmetic bag. Sounds good, huh? Limited time offer while stock last so you’d better be quick!

  • Dermalogica's Master Multi-Tasker

    Did you know that our skin has its own unique biological clock? That’s right, the skin behaves differently over a 24-hour period. At night, we know that the skin is in regeneration mode. It’s the optimum time for skin recovery - collagen production soars and skin renewal rate almost doubles! So what’s our skin up to during the daytime? Well, it’s quite the opposite. Our skin shifts from renewal mode and shifts gear into defence mode.

    More on Our Skin’s Daylight Defence Mode

    During the day our skin cells are working hard to protect themselves from UV exposure and free radical damage. Much of the ageing we see on our skin is a result of daytime environmental exposure. Natural supplies of antioxidants are used by skin to prevent damage by quenching the harmful free radicals found in our environment. But, with the level of free radicals we are exposed to in the modern world, our skin’s antioxidant source is often left depleted.

    What’s Threatening Our Skin in 2019?

    In a highly advanced, highly populated world, our skin faces more threats than ever before. UV radiation remains one of the most harmful and age accelerating influences on the skin, but pollution is catching up. Pollution, like UV, releases free radicals, causing deterioration to our collagen and elastin, along with a significant increase in pigmentation. To amp up your skin’s daily defences, Dermalogica brings you a technologically advanced, multi-tasking moisturiser: the NEW Prisma Protect SPF15.  

    Shining Light on the NEW Prisma SPF15

    An all-in-one protective moisturiser, the NEW Prisma Protect SPF15 hydrates, boosts luminosity and defends against UV radiation, pollution and free radicals. Thanks to new research about our skin’s circadian rhythms, it’s been formulated to work with and power up the skin’s natural defense mode.

    Featuring high tech cosmeceuticals, Prisma Protect SPF15 not only shields against visible light and pollution, it’s formulated with Intelligent Drone Technology capsules that convert daylight into skin radiance. The Intelligent Drones work by carrying light activated actives to specific cells where the skin can use them. Once activated by visible light, the actives are released and provide cellular energy, instantly super charging skin luminosity. 

    Other Key Ingredients in Prisma Protect SPF15:

    • Advanced Moisture Magnets - provide all-day hydration by attracting moisture to the skin for visibly smooth skin.
    • Japanese Matcha Tea – a potent antioxidant to support the skin in fighting against free radial damage and skin ageing.
    • Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octocrylene – provide Broad Spectrum SPF15 protection using a blend of best-in-class chemical sunscreens.
    • A bio-ferment from Sage – brightens and even skin tone, plus protects against skin irritating pollutants.

    Prisma Protect SPF15 is perfect for natural multi-taskers and anyone seeking a healthy, glow! Simply clean your skin, ideally with a Dermalogica Double Cleanse to ensure all make-up, dirt and pollutants are off your skin, then spritz with your favourite toner to layer hydration and apply a generous amount of Prisma Protect SPF15. It feels silky and light and dries down quickly for a sheer coverage. It’s recommended that Prisma Protect SPF15 be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure.

    Experience the Prisma Protect SPF15 before anyone else by signing up for our exclusive pre-launch offer now on.

  • Intensive Moisture Duo just got a power-up!

    Healthy skin comes down to having a healthy barrier. This essentially means the right balance of skin lipids and hydration, plus an optimal microbiome (bacterial community found on the skin). For those of us born with a dry skin, or who experience dryness due to ageing, our environment or lifestyle, maintaining a healthy barrier can be a daily battle.

    The Lowdown on Lipids

    Dry skin comes about as a result of a lack of skin lipids. The skin’s barrier can be likened to a brick wall: the dead skin acts as “bricks” and the lipids glue the dead skin cells together like “mortar” holds the bricks together. These physical and chemical components build a resilient barrier that holds moisture within the skin and keeps irritants out. When you have less than the optimal amount of lipids, your skin becomes more vulnerable to moisture loss and extrinsic factors such as weather changes or pollution. This leads to signs of dryness such as flaking, dullness, roughness, tightness, itching, cracking and irritation.

    With a commitment to healthy skin, Dermalogica’s newest cleanser and moisturiser duo provide much-needed relief and recovery for dry skins. Introducing the NEW and improved Intensive Moisture Balance and the NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser.

    Intensive Moisture Balance
    New Intensive Moisture Balance powered by BioReplenish Complex

    Intensive Moisture Balance

    Like the latest upgrade to your smart phone, Dermalogica’s long-standing dry skin hero, Intensive Moisture Balance, has been updated and advanced with the latest ingredient technology. Powered by a BioReplenish Complex™, the re-formulated Intensive Moisture Balance imparts a blend of specific skin mimicking barrier lipids for superior barrier restoration and recovery.

    Along with the BioReplenish Complex™, the updated moisturiser now also boasts Dual Hyaluronic Acid. Different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid quench parched skins both at a deep level and superficially, to keep moisture locked in for the long term. Another new cosmeceutical is prebiotic Chlorella Algae Complex, which relives dryness by targeting the skin’s microbiome. It works by fostering good bacteria and inhibiting bad bacteria that leads to dryness.

    Available in 3 sizes from Feb 1st. 100ml, 50ml and handy travel friendly 15ml. Shop today.

    What is the Difference between Dry and Dehydrated
    Dry and Dehydrated - a dermalogica solution for both

    New Intensive Moisture Cleanser available in 50ml, 150ml & 295ml

    NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser

    When it comes to cleansing dry skin, many formulas either contain harsh surfactants that strip essential barrier lipids and perpetuate dryness or are too mild to thoroughly remove dirt and build-up on the skin. A game changer in the cleansing world, the NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser is formulated with a cutting edge, lipid enriched cleansing system that deeply cleanses without damaging the lipid barrier. Along with featuring the strengthening BioReplenish Complex™, it’s also fortified with phytoactives from Coconut and Murumuru Seed Butter which further help to promote barrier resilience and leave the skin feeling silky soft. Along with these moisture rich ingredients, there’s also extracts of Citrus, Palmarosa and Jasmine that further soothe and reenergise a dull, dry skin.

    For healthy, smooth and stronger skin, use Intensive Moisture Balance and Intensive Moisture Cleanser together, twice daily, morning and night.

    A note on availability

    Intensive Moisture Balance is available with our Pre-Sale offer until launch day 1st Feb 2019. Orders placed for the Pre-Sale offer will be dispatched to arrive around Friday 1st of Feb.

    Currently Intensive Moisture Cleanser is currently only available in 295ml and in very limited quantities. Further stock will become available in March 2019 in 50ml, 150ml and 295ml.

    Essential Cleansing Solution has been discontinued as part of the upgrade program.

  • Skin Smoothing Cream, What you love now with more

    Skin Smoothing Cream is our #1 moisturiser for a reason!

    As one of the first products launched by Dermalogica, Skin Smoothing Cream has certainly stood the test of time. Since the 1980's our lives and environment have changed, together with dermalogica's developments in skincare technology the timing is perfect to update this favourite and we are excited to share with you why!

    When is this happening?

    New Skin Smoothing Cream with HydraMesh Technology begins sale on the 5th October. The new formulation will be for the first time available for sale in 3 sizes (100ml, 50ml and new 15ml trial size).

    What has changed?

    The average adult loses nearly half a litre of moisture through Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) every day, making continuous hydration an essential component of overall skin health. But between increasing environmental triggers and ever-busier lifestyles, today’s moisturisers need to do more than just replace lost hydration. Dehydration also disrupts the skin’s microbiome and accelerates the loss of crucial enzymes – so we made it our mission to harness advanced hydration technologies into a next-generation formula for our best-selling moisturiser.

    Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream is now upgraded with the latest technology to feature state-of-the-art Active HydraMesh Technology, which works on a molecular level to help reduce TEWL and infuse skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration. This advanced technology also helps shield skin’s natural microbiome from environmental stress.

    The Details on Hydration

    Proper hydration is central to skin health. The skin has its own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). This is the collective name for a group of molecules that help retain moisture in the skin. Hydration can also come from topically applied skin care products, the water you drink throughout the day, and your diet. Likewise, lifestyle can have a big impact on skin’s hydration levels: environmental factors, stress, and even the weather can significantly deplete skin’s hydration reserves.

    The result of this depletion is dehydrated skin. It can affect anyone, and can appear as fine lines, dryness and tightness – and one of the biggest consequences of dehydrated skin is an increase in sensitivity. Regardless of the symptoms, the solution is providing continual hydration to keep skin dehydration at bay.

    Why is the Lipid Barrier important?

    Found in the outermost layer of the epidermis – the stratum corneum – lipids are the “mortar” in the skin structure that form a protective barrier from the outside world, helping to keep irritants out. The lipid barrier plays a crucial role in managing skin’s moisture levels by stopping water loss and preventing extreme dryness.

    When the lipid barrier is impaired or slow in replenishing itself, this protective barrier is compromised – which can result in dehydration and increased sensitivity.

    What is the Microbiome?

    The skin hosts a wide array of organisms that comprise its microbiome (natural microbial ecosystem). Traditionally we tend to think of most bacteria as “bad”, but the skin microbiome plays an important role in some of the skin’s key processes. In terms of cell turnover, the microbiome helps regulate skin’s pH – which is vital for the function of crucial enzymes. It’s also a key part of the immune system, and physically blocks “bad” bacteria from the skin.

    Research is ongoing, but we’re now starting to understand the positive impact that certain bacteria within the skin’s microbiome can have on skin health. Therefore, by influencing the microbiome, we can influence the overall health of the skin.

    Dermalogica's NEW! Skin Smoothing Cream now with Hydramesh Technology
    New! Skin Smoothing Cream, now with HydraMesh Technology
  • Clinically proven to enhance skin radiance and visibly reduce fine lines.


    Did you know that we require more exfoliation as we age? That’s because the rate at which our skin makes new, fresh skin cells slows down as we get older. Consequently, this results in old, dead skin cells clinging to our skin’s surface for longer, leaving our skin feeling rough and looking dull and devitalised.

    Exfoliation for Skin Ageing Anyone who is after a smoother, clearer and healthier skin can benefit from exfoliation, but especially someone who is experiencing skin ageing. Exfoliation boosts a sluggish skin cell turnover and removes dull cells on the skin’s surface. This helps soften fine lines and wrinkles and reveal a more radiant skin underneath. In addition, any skincare applied afterwards, such as your high-performance serums and moisturisers, will be better absorbed by your skin giving you maximum results.

    Dermalogica's amazing NEW! At home, Professional-grade Peel. Dermalogica's amazing NEW! At home, Professional-grade Peel.


    Experience Professional Exfoliation at Home

    Dermalogica’s NEW Rapid Reveal Peel from the advanced AGE smart system provides the ultimate at home exfoliation. This professional grade at-home peel has been clinically proven to enhance skin radiance and visibly reduce fine lines.


    The Skin Smoothing Mix

    The NEW Rapid Reveal Peel is Dermalogica’s most powerful at home exfoliant and boasts a blend of skin resurfacing Hydroxy Acids and Enzymes. A 10% concentration of Lactic Acid plays a starring role, helping to not only boost cell turnover and smooth the skin, but brighten and hydrate it too. These brightening proprieties are supercharged by Rice Bran Extract which gently exfoliates whilst promoting an even skin tone - plus it has antioxidant powers. Next up is Caviar Lime Extract, a native Australian fruit that delivers a burst in exfoliation and antioxidants to fight the signs of premature skin ageing. Another key skin smoother in the mix is Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate; this gentle exfoliating enzyme delivers fresher, brighter skin without irritation. Each Rapid Reveal kit contains 10 individual treatment tubes, plus a black travel bag and suction cup so you can keep your Rapid Reveal Peel tubes in a visible area to remind you to keep on track of your treatments.


    Achieving Your Most Radiant Skin

    It’s recommended that this new advanced exfoliating treatment be used once week, ideally in the evening. You can kick start skin radiance by using one tube of Rapid Reveal Peel every day for three days, prior to transitioning to using one Rapid Reveal Peel tube every week. One tube of Rapid Reveal Peel should be used after cleansing. Twist open the tube and work over your face, neck and chest, using light fingertip circular massage movements.

    Rapid Reveal Peel can be massaged from three to seven minutes, depending on your individual skin. Remove with cool water or a cold, damp towel, followed by a generous dose of your moisturiser.

    Exfoliation makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to wear a sunscreen during the day to keep skin protected and prevent against accelerated ageing. Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 is the perfect companion to the Rapid Reveal Peel. This 2 in 1 age fighting moisturiser and sunscreen intensely hydrates and is full of antioxidants and skin firming actives.


    The Clinical Results are in!


    In a clinical study on people between 18 and 65 years of age, Rapid Reveal Peel was shown to increase cell turnover by 44%. By comparison, Gentle Cream Exfoliant, one of Dermalogica's strongest retail exfoliants, increased cell turnover by 27%. Measurements for this study were done after 13 applications of the product, which equates to a 3-day kick-start phase, followed by weekly use for 10 weeks.

    In a clinical study on people between 35 and 65 years of age, Rapid Reveal Peel was shown to enhance skin radiance after just 5 days, and visibly reduce fine lines after 8 weeks.

    Both tests were carried out at an accredited third party testing lab.

  • Acne, Not just a teenage challenge?

    Adult acne

    Did you know that acne is not just a problem for teenage skins? More and more adults are suffering from acne.

    Adult acne can be different from teenage acne, as teenage acne is usually associated with excess oil, with an abundance of black heads and pimples found all over the face. Adult acne can be more localised to one area, maybe the jaw line or cheeks, and is often more sensitive and inflamed with breakouts lasting for longer and healing slower. While the cause of teenage acne is the onset of puberty, adult acne can have a number of triggers.

    • hormones play a huge role in adult acne, the main one being testosterone. When there is too much of it in our body, it causes an over production of oil in the skin. As adults our hormones can fluctuate massively for lots of different reasons, such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, so acne may start to develop or get worse around these times
    • some medications can make acne worse, especially any medication designed to adjust hormone levels in the body, so it is important to identify if this is why your acne is there
    • the environment you live in can have a huge impact on your skin and the development of adult acne. Heat, humidity and pollution can lead to excess sebum production and bacteria build up on the skin. Likewise if your skin is becoming dried out due to cold weather or air conditioning it may start to over produce oil to make up for the lack of water in the skin, causing more breakouts
    • unfortunately some skin problems are hereditary, and genetics may play a part in some people having adult acne

    It is often the case that people who suffer with adult acne will feel the need to excessively wash and scrub their skin so it feels “clean”. This can be doing more damage than good, as over cleansing can dry out the skin stripping it of its natural oils and moisture, and over exfoliating can cause micro tears in the skin bringing more inflammation and longer healing time.

    On the other end of things there are people who feel they shouldn’t use any products on their skin because they don’t want to cause any further problems. This can be exasperating the acne as there will be a build up of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells on the skin that will clog pores making the acne worse and causing more breakouts.

    What products you use in your routine will be determined by how severe your acne is. Any of our Expert Skin Therapists at GLO will be happy to help you customise a skin regime to suit your personal skin needs. In general however these are some good rules to follow:

    Here are some tips that can also help to manage adult acne:

    • Change your pillow cases regularly
    • Disinfect your mobile phone
    • Clean your makeup brushes often
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Don’t have products that are intended for other parts of your body on your face e.g body moisturiser, shampoo or hairspray
    • Always wash your face after exercising or sweating excessively
    • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep skin hydrated
    • Keep a diary of when you get breakouts and the severity of them to determine triggers. This way you can tell if they are hormonal related, stress related ect.

    Need personalised advice? Reach out to our Skin Experts via our online skin consultation here or book in to see one of our Skin Experts at our Crows Nest (NSW) skin Centre

  • Q&A: How My Skin Changes With The Seasons

    Have you noticed when it gets cooler that suddenly your moisturiser doesn’t feel like it’s doing enough? Or that a weekly hydrating masque is now working best if applied 2-3 times a week?

    You’re not imagining it! The weather plays such a huge role in our skin and skincare routine. What works for your skin in Summer will need an extra boost in Winter.

    To learn more about how the seasons affect our skin we asked Jodi Ayre - Dermalogica Senior International Training Specialist, Asia, Australia and NZ to answer some questions on a recent Facebook Q&A Session. Here’s how it all went down - you’re bound to learn something you didn’t know about your skin!

    Q: Are there specific products in my routine I should be changing or should I have a different set of products for each season?

    A: Changes in seasons often present a different set of skin concerns. As we move into winter we typically need a bit more nourishment and barrier protection than in the summer. You may like to layer up with with a serum to boost your skin nourishment, or consider stepping up your cleanser and moisturiser to a creamier consistency. Being able to recognise changes in your skin is always the key to knowing how we can help you with your skin throughout the seasons.

    Q: What are some great things I can add to my diet to help boost hydration and skin health?

    A: We know that a healthy, well balanced diet is going to really support you with achieving your ultimate skin health. Of course the first way to boost hydration is by committing to drinking more water. To power up your skin hydration levels you may also like to include the essential fatty acid food groups, for example our omega 3's and 6's like salmon, nuts, green leafy vegetables. Consuming these types of foods may support with locking in the hydration in the outer layers of the skin. In addition to all that water you are now going to be drinking we highly recommend applying topical hydration solutions. Check our Skin Hydrating Booster or Multi Active Toner!

    Q: Should I still exfoliate through the colder months?

    A: Great question! The answer is going to be found in the condition of your own skin! For some customers, cooler weather of the winter months can heighten sensitivity. So if this you, look for some great daily options to buff and polish such as our fantastic heroes - Daily Microfoliant or Daily Superfoliant. With that said, for most of our customers, winter is the perfect time to power up exfoliation - both at home and with professional treatments. I love the warming, stimulating effects of MultiVitamin Thermafoliant in the winter time for home use, and booking myself in for the ultimate in professional exfoliation - a course of BioSurface Peel treatments!

    Q: I tend to breakout if I use a heavier moisturiser during winter, but my skin tends to be dry – why is this and how can I avoid breaking out but adding moisture at the same time? 

    A: If you love your summer moisturiser because of its light weight consistency, you don't necessarily have to go to a heavier weight moisturiser just because it's winter. Instead we can look to savvy ingredient technologies that nourish and replenish but without adding any excess weight to your skin. Try layering a super light weight, concentrated booster or serum under your favourite moisturiser during the winter months to power up your skin softness and suppleness. A couple of our favourites include Phyto Replenish Oil or UltraCalming Serum Concentrate. Also - don't forget to include exfoliation in your homecare routine to help keep your skin clear of breakouts.

    Q: Do I need to use SPF in winter?

    A: Yes! Sun protection is key to achieving optimum skin health and is personally one of the things I am passionate about. Please... repeat after me... "I promise to protect my skin from daylight exposure 365 days a year". The term SPF refers to the sun protection factor against UVB exposure - the painful burning sun rays that are certainly more aggressive in summer but is also possible during winter. With that said, anytime (ie summer AND winter) there is daylight there is also the presence of the invisible and harmful skin ageing rays caused by UVA radiation. All of our Dermalogica daylight defense solutions provide you with broad spectrum sun protection - both UVA and UVB protection. If you are concerned with fine lines or deeper lines, loss of skin tone and firmness, age spots or patches of hyperpigmentation, even acne, breakouts or sensitivity, regardless of your skin concern, please add into your homecare routine daily daylight defense all year round to help achieve your skin goals and optimum skin health.

    Q: I currently use skin hydrating masque and try to apply it at least once a week. I do tend to feel more dry as the temperatures drop. During the cooler months would you suggest increasing this to twice a week? I also use Super Rich Repair at nighttime.

    A: Yes you could certainly step up how often you use your Skin Hydrating Masque to twice a week and Super Rich Repair is definitely a favourite at night time for those cold winter months. If you're still feeling a little tight, be sure to add in some exfoliation at home, to help to enhance the hydration and skin nourishment of your following products. At Dermalogica we love to multi-masque - that is patchwork different masques onto different areas of the face. Check out our MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque as a great way to personalise your masque routine at home.

    Q: I have drier skin in Winter but I'm still breaking out. Can dry skin cause breakouts too? Why?

    A: Unfortunately this is true. You would think that with no oil in the skin (a dry skin) that you would be free from breakouts, but it's not the case. Without oil our skin has trouble holding onto water, and without water our skin can't function effectively. This means that our skin has trouble naturally shedding itself and maintaining a clear skin. These flakey dead skin cells that can't shed then build up and clog your skin pores and lead to bumps in your skin and then lead to breakouts. Throughout the winter months it is important to find the right exfoliant that suits your skin to help buff off these congesting dead skin cells. At home add in our new Daily Superfoliant to your routine to help smooth, clear and protect the skin. Also, winter is the perfect time to book in and experience one of our amazing supercharged professional expert strength treatments, either the BioSurface Peel or the IonActive System. Boosting your skin hydration and replenishing your lost oils will also help you to keep your skin clear of breakouts caused by dryness.

    Q: What skin care ingredients I should look out for now that we're heading into Winter?

    A: To offset the winter blues for your skin most skin types and conditions will benefit from slightly shifting your routine to one that is more nourishing and protective. Plant based phyto oils and silicones are my favourite to help create invisible shields to protect our skin against dehydration and surface skin challenges – check out Phyto Replenish Oil, Barrier Repair or any of our amazing primers for example! Vitamins A, C, E and Panthenol (B5) are certainly favourites, along with supercharged peptide technologies are perfect to rejuvenate, replenish and stimulate a sluggish, tired skin during the winter months. If you don’t currently have a night time treatment in place, winter is the perfect time to introduce your skin to extra nourishment and stimulation, so check out our Overnight Retinol Repair or Overnight Repair Serum and see which you suits you best.

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